• 10 Summer Pieces for Men to Ace up your Street Style

    10 Summer Pieces for Men to Ace up your Street Style

    Street style has become a major fashion statement now; even for men. If you follow fashion weeks, you most probably know that equal attention goes to the garments worn outside as well as on the ramps. Celebrities get scrutinized over what they wear while stepping out of their houses. Nowadays, men too spends as much […] More

  • How To Meet Women In Bookstores

    45 Tips On How To Meet Women In Bookstores

    Bookstores are one of my favorites for meeting smart and attractive women in a non-threatening environment. Mysteries, history, cookbooks, classic literature, travel, a buffet of potential common interests. DON’T DO THIS IN A BOOKSTORE Know your crowd. Slapping your thigh and shouting,Has Bill O’Reilly nailed these rotten socialists won’t go over well with someone wearing […] More

  • SEO

    5 SEO Ingredients to Boost Your Website Ranking

    Looking for ways to rank your website in top search engine results? Let’s be straightforward. There’s no magic bullet with SEO. In fact, the complication of SEO is in the irresistible number of things you do. This write-up is particularly for my readers who want to actually learn the concept of SEO. Here I will […] More

  • Solo Bike Ride
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    6 Must-Haves for a Solo Bike Ride

    “The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.” -Eminem I’m sure we have all been on some kind of adventure in your life but, how many of us have attempted and succeeded in a solo trip, that too on a bike? Well, […] More

  • What to Do to Look Good Without Visiting a Gym

    What to Do to Look Good Without Visiting a Gym

    Let’s be honest, gyms are not made for everybody. Some of us simply don’t enjoy the idea of sweating in the public. If you’ve never been to a gym and you’re not that comfortable with the shape and weight of your body, the desire to go to a gym will be even lower. Most certainly […] More

  • The Barcelona Chair

    The Barcelona Chair

    The Barcelona chair is an iconic piece of furniture in contemporary interior design, and it was first designed in 1929 by two German architects, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. They were commissioned to design the German Pavilion, an exhibition building for the International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain that year. The chair was […] More

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics the Most Accurate Statistic Solution

    If you are running your own website and trying out a new thing to convert your website into the best, then I bet you must have heard the name “Google Analytics.”There are several traffic measurement tools available just like the Google Analytics. There is just one thing that makes the GA more superior than the […] More

  • Men’s Dress Hats

    What To Consider When Buying Men’s Dress Hats

    All of your friends always have their best fashion foot forward. Whenever they get the chance, they would wear a fashion piece and make it their own statement. This accentuated their looks and in your eyes, having a fashion piece does help. Because you want to follow their lead, you’re thinking of buying men’s dress […] More

  • Common Cold

    7 Superfoods to get rid of Common Cold

    Common Cold – a common problem of every other household, almost every other day. Be it winter or rain, spring or summer, cold and flu can catch on to anyone at any time, irrespective of the season or age. The sneezing, sniffling and the coughing becomes really uncomfortable for the affected people and makes them […] More

  • 5 Fashion Practices for Men During Summer
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    5 Fashion Practices for Men During Summer

    Actually, trends which were in at the end of last year are definitely going to remain same next year also, but still there are some trends that will change. So, it will be better if you first search about the latest trends before you shop for summer 2018. Here in this article we are discussing […] More

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