Exotic Romantic Getaways

Getting away from the town or city you live in and leaving all your responsibilities behind is something we all constantly strive for. Unfortunately, there are not many occasions during the year when you are able to do that, and even if you do, travelling requires a lot of time and money. So, if you have a longer weekend off and want to go somewhere exotic just for a couple of days, take a look at the most interesting destinations you could hit. If your friend is available on the same dates, or perhaps your special someone – even better! Since you’re looking for a quick exotic getaway that won’t last more than 3 or 4 days, it means that locations such as Bali, Tokyo or Hong Kong are out of the question – which is good, as these are better if you allocate more time to checking them out. But which ones should you see in the period of a couple of days?

1. Dominican Republic

Even though it might sound strange, getting a cheap flight ticket to Dominican Republic is totally achievable. If you add some affordable all-inclusive resorts, this makes it a great place for a weekend getaway. Dominican Republic is known for its mesmerizing views and amazing beaches, so relaxing here after a hard week at work is the perfect thing to do. Not only will you be exploring quite an exotic country, but you can also be staying at some of the best resorts there, such as The Level at Melia Caribe Tropical – a place with over 35.000 rooms and an infinite number of cocktails that you can try out. Of course, there are other options as well – just take a look at your budget and book whatever suits you best.

2. Florida

Florida is not something that’s impossible to see, yet many often opt for different, more exotic locations, not knowing that Florida is definitely one of them. First of all, you can experience the Florida way of life by visiting some of its most beautiful beaches, party all night long, and finding stone crabs on different beaches. The only thing that you need in Florida is your beautiful one piece swimwear as these are very popular there, and of course, bring your positive attitude if you want to blend in. If you happen to hit Florida Keys (which is an absolute recommendation), make sure to get off Duval Street in Key West if you want to find some cheaper beer and more affordable prices on liquor. 

3. St Lucia

Why not be original and hit a place where no one from your friends visited and have the first photos of a certain place on your Instagram account? One such place is a small country called St Lucia in the Caribbean – a heaven on Earth.  You can find many great resorts on St Lucia, some of which even have an infinity pool instead of a wall, which can be exactly what you need. Three days spent sunbathing on a nearby beach and swimming in your own private pool while breathing the fresh Caribbean air and listening to the sound of birds (that can sometimes even fly in your bedroom) is definitely something that we should all experience once in our lifetimes.

4. Bermuda

This place is definitely quite close – it will take you two hours from New York or DC, or three if you’re travelling from Miami or Atlanta. What’s also good is that you can often find cheap tickets to Bermuda that don’t exceed $300. What to do there? Bermuda is a great place to see – it’s very unique yet its culture is very similar to the ones of Brits and Americans, as they have been there literally from the age of pirates. You can choose any beach and you’ll be mesmerized by its pink sand. There are so many different things to do there, and bearing in mind that it will take you less to travel here then it takes to some people to commute to work to New York, it’s a great option. 

5. The British Virgin Islands

Another location that’s very close to the USA – if you catch your flight just after work on a Friday, you’ll be eating your dinner at some of the most beautiful restaurants on the British Virgin Islands by sunset. This is a British location, yet the culture of the Caribbean is very noticeable and that’s what makes this place so unique. You can check out small fruit markets, drink cheap beer and simply enjoy the views. What’s also good is that this place is not very exclusive, as many yachtsmen often hit some of the cheapest bars there because that’s where the magic is.

Hopefully, you became quite motivated to take a day off and travel somewhere for the weekend. You don’t have to travel long distances in order to find an exotic location, some of them are even closer than you think!

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