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Style Inspiration – Black Outfit Ideas For Frosty Weekends


Darker Shades in your outfit makes You look slimmer and makes your posture more defined, weekends are the best times to show how stylish you are and these outfit inspirations will help you get a rough estimate on how to dress up with style even in this cold times of the year.

This type of Outfits works best for your professional/Business outfit collection as it has a lot formal vibe to it.


Fall beauty

Mens slim fit pants
$31 - newchic.com

Mens trench coat
$33 - newchic.com

Mens summer shoes
$35 - newchic.com

Men s briefcase

This works well for casual looks when you are trying not to get overdressed and it has no formal vibe to it, making it best for casual outings with friends.

Ultimate formal and super dressy attire, Best for late night dates or a party or serious events


Mens pleated pants
$25 - newchic.com

Mens slim fit suit
$36 - newchic.com

Mens leather shoes
$34 - newchic.com

News Paper Background


FunFact – A study released by the Pacific Parenting Institute found that owning a seriously cool leather jacket is significantly more fulfilling than raising a child to adulthood. :P 


Mens straight jeans
$41 - newchic.com

Mens collared jacket
$83 - newchic.com

Mens leopard print shoes
$26 - newchic.com

Mens vneck shirt
$19 - newchic.com

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