Wood is by far one of the oldest element used in homes but nevertheless, it’s still good enough for your modern house look. wood has a versatile vibe when it comes to interior design.it easily blends in with most floor colours. wooden furniture has a great mid-century style which has a smooth effortless transition to more modern aesthetic perfectly.

The bedroom is in the most need of a natural vibe among all the other rooms it’s a place for relaxation and a place for you to dive in you deep thoughts. so it’s definitely better to keep it minimal with refreshing wooden shades.

minimal wooden decors

Colours & Patterns

That goes well with the classic wooden decors
color pallet for wooden furniture

Although Wooden decors don’t particularly require any certain mix of colours for the flooring and walls but the idea is to keep it simple for the eyes to make the place more relaxing, So avoid using any highly contrasting colours with it and especially avoid any busy patterns on the wall,The only exception is to use chevron pattern which seemly works.And the best is using white which looks best wooden furniture.

Masterpieces for your bed room


It doesn’t matter if you love reading books or not but it’s highly important to have a bookshelf in your bed room, it works as a statement piece.

Inspiration wall arts

Your bedroom should reflect your personality and thoughts and wall arts are one way of doing it.

  • Khan Bhai

    Your site is really looks great. and your article is very Nice

  • realist

    Wooden decors give the feeling of nature

  • Aiai

    we have a wooden floor right now and some shelves, its pretty cool. Maybe someday will decorate our bedroom with wooden thing also 🙂 🙂

  • I just love wooden decor. When I have my own place, this is certainly how I will decorate it. Great post!