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Post Apocalyptic Fashion Inspirations For Your Street Style

The post-apocalyptic era is a hypothetical situation in which the Earth’s technological civilization is collapsing or has collapsed which has been triggered due to thermal nuclear warfare or a more fictitious zombie apocalypse or for reasons that humans don’t have control over. the post-apocalyptic time frame is often visualized as the world where only scattered elements of society and technology remain.

this post-apocalyptic era has fascinated us for a long time  and this concept has been implemented in every form of media we consume, now this concept is so popular that this might have lead fashion designers to imagine the type of clothing that people might adapt to survive in those circumstances

post apocalyptic fashion

post-apocalyptic fashion style draws a lot of inspiration from the tech wear style such as the use of hood and asymmetrical designs but one key difference is in the use of fabric, tech wear uses synthetic fabrics while apocalyptic fashion prefers natural fabrics like sturdy leathers, cotton, and wool. considerably for the rigidity and comfort.

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Post apocalyptic fashion
The street style essentials

Must have 

Post apocalyptic fashion look is incomplete if you don’t have a military styled rigid watch to mix smoothly with the layers of clothing.

DIY Post apocalyptic fashion ideas

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