Smartphone cameras can take photos that have almost become indistinguishable from a professional camera in perfect conditions, we often see companies like Apple doing adverts like ‘shot on iPhone’, but if you have a keen eye will definitely notice words like additional equipment used in some of this type of adverts. that means the accessories really help to fulfil some of the shortcomings the phone camera has right out of the box and the best part is most of the accessories does not make the phone lose its durability and travel friendliness which is exactly the main reason why smartphone cameras are so important nowadays.

Handheld Stabilizer

If you are a vlogger or love capturing memories in motion this will surely become your best friend once you’ve used a stabiliser, although most of the smartphone nowadays have software stabilisation built in which gives a mediocre result compared to physical stabilisation.it Smooths and even cancels out the movements you make enabling to take shots like cinematic video.

Camera Grip

Smart phones are very thin nowadays and getting a firm grip has gotten harder which is essential for the quality of photos, There are many intuitive add on you can find that enhance your photo taking experience such as adding a rotating zoom button as pinching isn’t the best way to zoom.

Extra Lightning

Everyone who takes selfies or does video chat know how less attractive your face look in low lighting so an extra portable source of light can always come in handy, moreover an essential must have among accessories for vlogger who tends to use the front cam a lot.

Extra storage

images and especially videos take too much data so extra storage is always handy to have and the best part about


Tripods are highly recommended accessories if you want to get the full potential out of the camera it enables to find the best exposure and lets the camera to have a better focus and finally take better photos and videos with slow shutter speeds. unlike other equipment, tripods have gone through a huge transformation, now you can find a multifunction tripod that can adapt to any position due to the flexible, wrappable legs allow you to secure your camera, phone and tablet almost anywhere.


The microphone on your smartphone really falls short for recording videos, especially when filming outside, so an external microphone is highly recommended which bring features like stereo sound and isolate the cracking sound due to the wind when shot outside.


Add on lenses add an amazing dimension to your photos, these are must have accessories if you are serious about taking photo with your phone seriously, there are diverse ranges of lens each serving different functionalities according to your need for example

  • The wide angle lens enabling you to fit more into your shot without bending or distorting the image
  • The macro lens enables to take photos with vibrant and sharp detailed images, perfectly capturing close-up scenes that smart phone cameras unequipped could never reach.
  • Telephoto Lens can get 2X closer to the object without using the digital zoom on your phone.
  • Fisheye lens creates extremely wide panoramic photos. 
Dimitri Tyan Cover photo credit

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