10 Summer Pieces for Men to Ace up your Street Style
10 Summer Pieces for Men to Ace up your Street Style

10 Summer Pieces for Men to Ace up your Street Style

Street style has become a major fashion statement now; even for men. If you follow fashion weeks, you most probably know that equal attention goes to the garments worn outside as well as on the ramps. Celebrities get scrutinized over what they wear while stepping out of their houses.

Nowadays, men too spends as much time as women to choose their outfits. And, there is nothing wrong with that. Putting a look together is an art; and who doesn’t want to look good? Your style always speaks for you. So, wear your clothes right. It is all about wearing your personality.

Wearing extravagant clothes on the roads can be a bit challenging. You can’t really go gaga on the streets. So, here are few subtle yet stylish pieces for you to try out for the next time you’re off to the streets.


Stay cool and stylish in this heat wave with lightweight linen shirts. Pastel shades work wonder. They can be worn as both casually and formally. T

he beauty of a linen shirt is that they keep you cool and comfortable when the temperature rises. These shirts come in a wide range of styles, prints and colours. So, choose according to your preference.

Go for a well fitted short sleeved linen shirt which doesn’t flap in the wind as you walk down the street. Opt for different prints and cuts. You can wear it with chinos, cropped pants or cotton shorts. Keep the look effortless and breezy for the summer months.


Cropped trousers look extremely stylish if worn right. Majority of the men simply ignore them and go for basic jeans or trousers instead. But, cropped pants can add edge to your outfit and make you look smarter and dapper.

It can be tricky to find pieces which will go with them but once you get a hang of it, you can rock a cropped pant all year long. The safest way to wear them is to pair a cropped chino with a long sleeved jersey shirt and espadrilles. Try out cropped formal pants with lightweight shirts and boat shoes. You can also roll up a normal length trouser to give it a cropped out feel.


Wearing shorts is one of the best way to look stylish in warm weather. The first thumb rule of buying a short is to never go beyond your knee caps. Get a well fitted shorts which suits your body type. Get few basic solid or striped ones to keep the look minimal. But, if you are daring enough, go for bold and printed ones. Avoid bulky multi-pocketed cargo shorts as they only look good when you go hiking.

Shorts should always be paired with casual shoes like moccasins, loafers, boat shoes. One of the easiest look to pull off is to pair them with polo neck shirts. You can also go for light weight shirts or simple crew neck t-shirts.


Floral shirts can be quite difficult to pull off. It can either look super savvy or end up looking like a disastrous trip to Hawaii. Make sure your floral shirt is fairly loose fitting and has less colours on it.

Pair them with solid jeans or chinos. Keep your bottoms fuss free so that the attention doesn’t go away from the shirt as the main outfit feature.


Short sleeved shirts are must have wardrobe staples for every men. If styled right, they can deliver you a sleek summer style. The simple rule of wearing short sleeved shirt is to wear them slim but not tight. They are quite practical pieces to rock in summer.

The way to style them is to keep the look smart casual. To be on the safe side, pair with well fitted chinos or shorts. Keep the footwear casual too. Never ever tuck a short sleeve shirt. Keep them open and layered with t-shirt or vest to keep the look effortless.


Take a break from well fitted master pieces and go for these proportion-playing pieces. A longline baggy tee paired with funky sneakers is like a treat to the eyes. Make sure your bottoms are slim fit to avoid looking like a tent. Choose the outfit with minimal and monochromatic colour scheme.


Want to play with layering in summer months? Go with waistcoats. These pieces are quite versatile when comes to styling. For a casual outcome, pick up materials like cotton, tweed or corduroy with simple patterns.

Pair these babies up with long sleeved shirts and chinos. Put on ankle high boots to keep it casual. You can also pair them up with shirt and jeans. If you have super casual vests, you can team them with t-shirts too.


Sneakers are meant more than just for running now a days. No matter what the season is, sneakers have become a worldwide favourite. A man’s wardrobe can never be complete without a good pair of these.

Whether you are a classic white sneaker person or a go to slip on person, sneakers can be your best bud while styling a street outfit. It gives your entire look an athleisure vibe. You can incorporate a sneaker with a sports blazer as well as jeans and t-shirts.


Being a simple yet incredibly versatile piece, caps have come a long way from Baseball fields to modern day streets. Regardless of your personality, caps are hands down a great addition to your wardrobe.

You can either wear a cap with an athleisure look, or even with a semi formal attire. Make sure the colours are muted to avoid looking like a school kid. This understated accessory can give your entire look a hip twist.


Sliders are basically the best sandal to wear on the streets. They are casual and quite comfortable for the warmer months. Replace your age old flip flops with one of these to upgrade your look.

Shorts are the ideal choice to go with sliders. You can also show them off with slim fit pants or go bold with full length wide legged trousers.

So, for this ongoing season, pick up your favourite piece among these and style accordingly to get the best street style fashion out of you.

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