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10 Things to Avoid While Vaping

10 Things to Avoid While Vaping

10 Things to Avoid While Vaping

The expansive world of vaping can offer a variety of opportunities you can take advantage of — whether it be learning the basic principles of electrical currents, sharing your passion with an appreciable group of like-minded people, choosing how much nicotine you’d like to take in (if any) if you are or were a smoker and more. However, there are a few things that give vaping a bad rap, and this is why we’ve made a list of what not to do while vaping.

10 Things to Avoid While Vaping

Dry Hits

Dry hits are one of the most painful things that vapers occasionally endure. For non-vapers, a dry hit feels like you’ve just experienced the ash of a burnt gym sock pushed straight into your lungs. To avoid this, make sure you prime your coil before vaping.

Recently install some fresh cotton to your new vaporizer build? Make sure to drip a sufficient amount of e-liquid on the wick before you take that first puff. What if you replace the coil from the tank? Same thing: just drip a small amount of liquid on the coil before you put the tank together. Despite all of that, always make sure to sit on it for at least a few minutes before finally taking a hit.

Ghosting Flavors

Ghosting flavors basically mean to unintentionally mix two very distinctive flavors due to a dirty tank. To avoid this, make sure you thoroughly clean your tank when making a switch from one flavor to another. Simply take your tank apart and give it a thorough rinse under the tap. If you happen to be using an RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer,) then you can just skip the cleaning and fire the mod until the juice has vaporized from the cotton instead. For RDA users, however, make sure that you also change the cotton to start with a fresh vape. Finally, cleaning your equipment regularly will also prolong the duration of your device for many hits to come.

Low Battery

Vapers or not, we’ve all had to deal with this problem at least once in our lives. Regardless of what electronic device you happen to be using, running out of batteries can be a serious issue and can hamper your tendency to enjoy the moment as is. Solving this problem should be easy enough: keep your batteries fully charged to make sure the device is operating at its full power. If you’re preparing to go on a long trip, make sure to include some spare batteries as a foolproof plan against the unpredictable and unknown. Whenever you have access to electricity, it’s a wise idea to keep a backup micro or USB charger on you, as they can save your vaporizer from suddenly turning off when you need it the most. Nothing beats unpredictability like a fully prepped vaper with a sound plan.

Dripping and Driving

When you’re driving, your main focus should be the road ahead of you. Even the simplest distraction like taking a puff can turn into a serious disaster. This is why you should always avoid dripping during a long, boring drive and devote your whole attention to the road. If you are traveling in a pair, however, have whoever’s with you be the “designated dripper” (yes, we’re serious) by having them saturate the coils while you’re focusing on the wheel. Trust us, not even the perfectly-shaped starter kit from Vaper Empire is worth your life.

Questionable Builds

Are you happy to assemble your own coils? Maybe you’re a seasoned vaper who likes to try new setups as well? Either way, it’s very important to educate yourself on electricity, Ohm’s law, and proper battery use. Don’t build your mod so that it can’t handle properly your vaping wants and needs. Important parameters to be aware of include voltage, resistance, and the load of your mod. If you’re not sure, feel free to use some quality third-party testers to check the output voltage and the current resistance of your device. These testers will usually come with an internal battery and an additional USB cable charger if you want to use them while on-the-go.

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Nicotine Sickness

Nicotine sickness is one of the worst things a vaper can experience. If you happen to be using an older tank, chances are you’re probably receiving more nicotine in your system than you think. However, different mods will provide different vaping experiences, including the amount of nicotine that you’re taking in as well. One of the best approaches is to start low (2 mg) and carefully assess your tolerance from there. Your body will thank you.


Vaping, especially for those who are making the switch from smoking, can dehydrate you. This is most noticeable when you start vaping harder than normal or when you switch from one device to another, including updating your current build. Bottom line: water is good for your overall health, so you’d better hydrate when needed.

To finally wrap it up, vaping can be a fun experience as long as you know exactly what you’re doing. For everything else, make sure to consult a more experienced vaping friend or individual, or seek knowledge from one of your favorite vaping sources online.

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