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10 Tips To Make Your Girl Happy Over Simplified Guide

10 Tips To Make Your Girl Happy Over Simplified Guide

10 Tips To Make Your Girl Happy Over Simplified Guide

Guy’s It is Less Complicated Than You Think

Keeping your girlfriend all happy and smiling is not tough. Yes! You read that right. Making her happy is not as tough as it seems or at least as much as you think. Just a little effort from your side, a little pampering can go a long way and save your relationship from entering into troubled waters. The best part is that it won’t even dig a deep hole in your pocket. The ideas that we have brought here for you are absolutely feasible and not expensive at all.

Don’t believe? Check these tips out to make her come running towards you and give you a tight hug –

Handmade Gifts

Gifts need not always be in the form of a Diamond ring or a gold necklace. Any gift handmade by you with utmost love, care and affection can please your girl more than any expensive gift ever can.

Listening Is Not Enough

Guys have been accused of ‘not listening’ since eternity. Let me tell you a secret here though. Just listening is not enough. If your girl tells you something that makes her uncomfortable then you actually should do something about it rather than just listening to it from one ear and throwing out of the other. Your actions should show her that her problems are your problems as well.

Dinner Date Once A Month

One of the most common mistakes guys make is they stop pampering their girl once they get committed. It not only brings in monotony but also kills the spark. Take your girl out on a dinner date once a month. An even better option would be to cook some amazingly delicious recipes.

Late Night Walks

Never underestimate the power of a hand-in-hand late night walk. It is okay if you both have busy schedules and cannot devote much time to each other during the day but you can spend at least half an hour together in the form a late night walk! Share with each other what happened during the day. Listen to each other and see the magic. Your relationship will improve manifold.

Long Drives

The next romantic idea that we have brought for you is going out on a long drive. You can add a little adventure to your relationship by taking your girlfriend out on an adventurous motorcycling ride. Motorcycling is an adventurous activity and there is no dearth of scenic byways to explore. Instead of going for the regular club parties every weekend, try pulling something adventurous and go for bike riding. Not only you can enjoy the awesome scenery but also experience the adrenaline rush and have memories worth cherishing lifetime. It will also give you that much-needed break from the monotony of office life.

Something Different

The department of gifts is the one where you can experiment the most. If your girl is a wine lover you can pamper her love for wine. Many options are at your disposal if you are about to gift her wine, with a tough competition between red wine and white wine. Besides, if it is your anniversary or her birthday coming you can team up with some of her friends and throw a surprise party for her. Make her favorite creamy red wine hot chocolate to give a romantic touch to beautiful winter mornings.

Compliment Her

Everyone loves compliments. Try complimenting her whenever she wears something new or does something for you. A little peck on the cheek or a hug can make her day. Try catching up with her friends. Appreciate her achievements.

Reassure Her

Girls need continuous reassurance. You should keep telling her that you love her and must do it often. Do not leave her guessing her position or importance in your life. Text her when you are free in the office. A random ‘I love you’ text sent in the middle of the day will make her look forward to coming back home to you in a wonderful mood

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Value Her Opinion

Include her in your decisions and family matters. Consider her point of view. Not only in serious matters, but in the day to day matters also, it would be a great idea if you consider her opinion. Suggest her what she should wear. In turn, let her suggest to you what you should wear. Small gestures like these mean a lot to girls! If she is earning better than you, you may even consider her tips in career matters also instead of being jealous of her. If you are looking forward to switching jobs, consider talking to her once.


Never do anything that makes her question your commitment towards her and the relationship. Be on time for the dates. Make her a priority. Introduce her to your family. Invite her on family gatherings.

These were just some tips to keep the spark alive even after years of dating. A pro tip here- avoid monotony as much as you can. Rather than gifting her cards and flowers on every occasion try doing something different. For instance, you can gift her a bullet bra or a romantic corset dress. Such unconventional gifts will light up her mood instantly for sure.

The most important factor in any relationship is love. If you guys love each other then doesn’t matter if it has been 6 months or 6 years, your love story will continue being the fairy tale that it was when you first started dating.

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