Italian Dream Motorcycle – TRIPLE TRIPLA 0.0
Italian Dream Motorcycle - TRIPLE TRIPLA 0.0

Italian Dream Motorcycle – TRIPLE TRIPLA 0.0


At first glance, you might think this is a Speed Triple based motorcycle; but you’re wrong. It is actually based on the Triumph Street Triple motorcycle. Despite looking a bit like its older brother, the Street Triple claims to offer a completely different riding experience. 


The tail, seat and carriers are handcrafted and designed with the Tripla 0.0 in mind. the iconic front fairing is tinted in a dark color and exposes the iconic eyes of the Triple series. The rims are machined out of solid blocks of metal and cover the entirety of the wheels, giving the Tripla 0.0 a stealthy look. 
The design has flawlessly been turned into something that looks more like a bat bike from the Batman trilogy rather than a traditional Street Triple.

Dubbed the Tripla 0.0, this 676cc 100hp monolith was built in collaboration with specialized workshops that manufacture racing parts across the industry. Through this collaboration, the rear suspension was effectively replaced with a Speed Triple mono-shock suspension, the chain transmission was replaced with a belt drive connected by CNC machined pulleys, and a triple mouthed exhaust allows the triple-cylinder to get much louder while racing.

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