3 Popular Chic Styles to Charm Women
3 Popular Chic Styles to Charm Women

3 Popular Chic Styles to Charm Women

Style is an evolution. Acquiring a good taste in clothing is important to portray a bright and confident image of yourself. Each of us carries a unique image about what style means to us and with some experimentation you can get the balance of comfort and elegance that match the trend of the time.

Of course, the options are quite a lot when it comes to women. They have an ocean of styles and trends to follow and flaunt through their everyday look. You can witness loads of creativity crafted into beautiful clothing giving lots of choice for women. A chic style for women is easier to put together. A simple pair of a summer dress with a solid pair of sneakers is as good as high waist jeans and crop top. They both carry the chic and casual look with equal ease leaving a lot of options to explore for them.

But there are quite a number of options that men can explore too that can render the elegant and chic style with grace and ease. Walking out in simple denim and shirt is simple and classy. Embedding style and trends into your everyday look are just as simple. Try these casual-chic looks that will attract all eyes on you. You can easily create these with simple pieces from your wardrobe.

The Monochrome:

The monochrome trend is an all-time charmer when it comes to men. The style oozes chic using simple colors and styles. The best color to start exploring the monochrome trend would be a solid black or blue. Introduce the color using denim, jogger pants, jackets that will dominate the look. Match them with a pop of white that emits the luxury street style vibe to keep the look subtle and stylish. Complete the look with a nice pair of sneakers. You can keep them solid colored if your look has patterns or look out for some simple designs and print in case of a solid colored outfit. You can also try some solid colored sneakers with a pop of flashy green or orange that creates a casual vibe.


Piecing the perfect look in monochrome trend is impossible without some contrasting fabrics that balance out the neutral tone of the look. Leather jackets, backpacks, belts can help bring energy to the look. An oversized watch hanging on the wrist can help you elevate the look.

The No Denim look:

There is no closet constant like a pair of jeans. Invest in one and you can create outstanding looks with ease and grace. But experimenting a little around with other styles of bottom wear can create the effortlessly casual look you are going for. Pair up an oversized T-shirt with a classy chino and finish the look with some outstanding pair of sneakers. The same outfit when paired with chinos or joggers offers a very different look from a denim finish. Layering is a great idea while flaunting the chino style where you can load up with vests, scarves, jackets, shirts over your basic t-shirt to make it look stylish and charming.

What to Wear With Chinos


You can also look around for some exciting patterns and prints for your bottom wear that emit the street vibes. Men often choose patterns on top with solid bottoms such as joggers or tracks. But digital prints in trousers paired with a classy solid T-shirt or a complementary patterned shirt is an easy looking street style you all should try. It brings the chic style with great comfort like metroflex gym wear. These awesome patterns are also the best match for knit sweaters and retro sneakers that are unique and trendy.

Beat the street with blazers:

Gone are the times when blazers were simply a part of your formal wear. So it is time to release them from your closest more often and parade those sexy cuts around to create a simple chic look. Blazers with solid shirts are a great formal wear choice. But pour some patterns on to the shirt and compliment with some denim. This will pair with your blazer and when matched with the right pair of desert boots will create the look that will capture all eyes.

What to Wear With a Navy Blazer


The blazer with a t-shirt is yet another sophisticated street style look you can try. Pair them with denim trousers and fold the hem. Add a classy piece of watch or bracelet and finish the styling with a classy piece of footwear to keep it chic and cheeky.

Open up to new styles:

The secret to women looking chic and elegant every day is their courage to experiment with new styles and trends. Being open to experimenting with colors, patterns, trends, etc, gives the chance to create many looks with the same set of clothing. This will double up the wardrobe you have to wear every day. Take old navy dresses, for example, you can pair with a white trousers for a fresh summer look, add a stylish patterned jacket and a pair of white sneakers for a chic look or pair with gorgeous accessories and stilettos and be party ready.

Keeping up with the trends:

Keeping up with the fashion trends of the current time is important to make sure you add the best pieces to your closet. But don’t get too carried away by these trends. Your look should reflect your individual style and elegance. Also, don’t run behind a particular brand. The labels have nothing to do with how well you can create simple, chic looks that will charm women. So focus on your style that embraces your features and let it speak for you.

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