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4 Ways to Enjoy Whiskey Like a Gentleman (or Lady)

Whiskey is one of the most adored drinks in the world, respected for its unique taste and harsh flavor. If you want to drink whiskey like a real man (or lady), you need to behave like one. A whiskey drinker is tough and confident, and doesn’t let anyone mess around with him/her.

Whiskey drinkers know what they want of their lives. They are not afraid to confront the obstacles and handle the pressure. But also, a true gentleman (or lady) knows how to balance their confidence and toughness with their sensitivity and compassion.

Here are some tips on how real gentlemen (or ladies) enjoy their whiskey.

Choose Your Vessel Wisely

First of all, it is OK to drink from any kind of vessel. If a teacup or plastic cup is everything you have, just sip some whiskey and enjoy. But the fact is that some vessels maximize the flavor and make the drinking experience more valuable.

There is something about the feeling of holding a firm glass of whiskey that makes you stand out. You can make a ritual out of it if you use the same rocks glass and drink in the same ambient, for example after a hard work day.

Choose Your Favorite Style

You can drink your whiskey neat, with ice, or with water. People often dispute about the best way to do it, but you should try all of them and choose what fits you best. If you are trying some type of whiskey for the first time, make sure to try it neat.

This way, you will experience what the producer had in mind. This is his work of art, so this is the way to show appreciation. Ice and water lower alcohol by volume and cool-down the drink, but you will surely not be any less of a man or a woman if you refuse to drink your whiskey neat.

Find a Great Ambient

Appearance is a very important part of enjoying whiskey. You should take care of how you look, smell, and talk in order to drink like a real gentleman (or lady). Besides that, make sure to always drink whiskey surrounded with great people in a great ambient.

Invite your friends out and have a great time at a local bar or distillery. In some distilleries, you can even participate in the creation of a perfect blend of whiskey that suits your taste. Put some effort in and find a great place for whiskey tasting in Sydney to get a great whiskey experience.

Learn About Whiskey

The main types of whiskey are Scotch, Irish, and American. Scotch whiskey is usually made from malted barley. It is distilled twice and has to age in the oak barrel for three years before consumption. It has a distinctive smoky taste, and… Yes, it has to be produced in Scotland.

Irish whiskey has to be produced in Ireland or Northern Ireland. It also needs to be distilled twice and aged for three years, but it has a much lighter taste from other types. American whiskey can be made from rye or corn. Rye whiskey has a spicy fruity taste, while corn whiskey (known as Bourbon) has a sweet taste. Tennessee whiskey is a special type of Bourbon that has a cleaner taste and is represented in some of the most popular brands (Jack Daniel’s Benjamin Prichard’s).

Learn how to enjoy drinking whiskey and surround yourself with the good company. To appreciate a good whiskey means to appreciate a good life. But, make sure not to get drunk. You need to consume it in moderation if you want to enjoy it like a true gentleman (or lady).

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