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6 Classic Foods That Pair Perfectly With Wine Cocktail

6 Classic Foods That Pair Perfectly With Wine Cocktail

6 Classic Foods That Pair Perfectly With Wine Cocktail

A wine cocktail is a bliss any day, and with the right garnish and food, it is impeccable. As the time is heating up, so is the distinct flavours and aromas in the cuisine world.

But the common notion of using white wine with white meat and red wine with red has stood classic beyond time. Comfort foods and wine are soothing, delicious and fulfilling.

While a contrasting pairing might go haphazard, in all possibilities it will taste amazing if some basic rules are cherished with every toast. Comfort foods turn more comforting with wine lovers, and these wines get unduly complemented by their flavours and effect.

You can also try to explore new flavours and combinations every once in a while. Let your solitude befriend this new hobby, just with that you’ll see new and wonderful blends seeping through.

Take your favourite meal and your most loved cocktail, and try combining them. Take a bite and before gulping it, let a sip of the wine mingled with the food. This way, you will discover exotic and unknown flavours, and also get an idea about improving it.

But if you’re not very much into exploring, check out these classic combinations still in fashion:

Nachos and a white wine Margarita


Who doesn’t love nachos and margarita? I bet White wine Margarita has been everybody’s favourite at one or another point in time.

The combination of these two feels something new, yet familiar. I prefer calling this one nostalgia. The same flavour, same excitement but always new. It reminds me of early spring days watching the same yellow flowers and being home.

Shrimp and Bellini



This one follows the classic rule of combination. A light meal with a light wine cocktail. The best thing about seafood is the musty contrast associated with it. It is refreshing, lively and delicious.

When topped with a cocktail like Bellini, the freshness enhances and the mood automatically improves.

This is perfect for a busy time ahead which requires some pampering the day before.

Tacos and a Paloma Blanca wine cocktail


If you feel Mexican foods are awesome and can’t get any better, just give this summer wine cocktail a shot. The fresh tomatoes and tacos blend so well with the Paloma Blanca summer wine cocktail that you’d be asking yourself why you never tried it before.

Made from crisp white wine, grapefruit juice and sparkling soda, this cocktail is perfect for summer evenings.


Pork Roast and White wine Sangria

Paloma Blanca wine cocktail

I love white wine. Name a dish that is comforting and there’ll always be one variety of white wine springing liveliness and freshness to it. Some of the cocktails are even more promising than ice wines. And one of them is German Riesling. Rich, deep and strong, this white wine can give any red wine a great run.

Try adding frozen peaches to this white wine cocktail in order to balance out the sweetness of Riesling. Pork Roast in combination with German Riesling is miraculous, just like a genuine convulsion of two cultures and stories.

Salmons and Carlo’s Cooler cocktail


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More than its taste and flavour, the health benefits of salmon has attracted me the most towards it. It is very nutritious and feels great.

Consuming it as a delicacy was relatively new to me, but great. It is one of the red wine combinations that I really prefer. California Burgundy, a wonderful red wine is enhanced in its flavour infinitely with the slimy touch of salmons. Do try it and let us know your experience with it.

Beef noodles and mulled wine cocktail

Beef noodles

Yes, red wine again. The heavier the food, the better it combines with the red wine. Beef noodles, a bowl of comfort in the nipping cold winters is a relief and much more when paired with red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet is an exotic and much deeper version of the daily red wines. Interestingly, it also works great for the newbies.

While mulled wine, sangria, fruity rose wine are always on trend, you can always look for innovative and delicate combinations.

I love the fruity ones in combination with light meals. Either you can try these pairings or devise your own.

Every family has its own pairing, often undiscovered and untold and above are of those!!!



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