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6 Interesting Gift Ideas for Him
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Guide For Distinguishing High Quality Suits
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Styling Oversized Sweatshirts
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Graphic Tees – Fashion Finds

6 Interesting Gift Ideas for Him

6 Interesting Gift Ideas for Him

Struggling to find the right present for the man in your life? Wanting to impress him on his big day and give him something that will be appreciated and considered thoughtful? If you’re looking for presents that are slightly different to the usual, look no further. Check out our 6 gift ideas below to show him how much you care.

Designer Wallet

Upgrade his wallet with a stylish new designer wallet from his favorite brand. Keeping all his cards in the same place, whilst showing off a reflection of his personality and style is so imperative for the modern man. It needs to be slim and compact but has enough space for all his necessary accessories so finding one from one of his favorite company would make for the perfect gift. Bringing that luxury element at the same time is crucial for the gift to make an impression for all occasions.

designer wallet


With coffee consumption at an all-time high, finding the right present to help that early morning rise can make the busy work schedule run a little smoother. With a cafeteria, otherwise known as a French Press, you can keep the coffee warmer for longer, meaning a higher quality coffee than instant is easy to make. Being able to make a fresh cup of coffee in the morning in a short time will make his morning run easier and give him that extra few percent for work.

Denim Jacket

Out of favor in the 90’s, the denim jacket has come back into fashion and is the perfect new accessory for your man for both casual nights with friends and dinner dates in town. With a variety of colors ranging from blue to chequered, there are plenty of options that will compliment your man’s style and give him another wardrobe option that he will love and cherish.


To get him through the colder seasons coming up at the end of the year, buy him a sturdy pair of boots that are firm but practical for all surfaces. Redwing’s Classic 6 inch Moc boots feature a rubber sole and triple stitching, making them an ideal choice for style and comfort in one, whilst withstanding the wear and tear of daily life. Durability and fashion all wrapped into one.



The best way to a man’s heart is through his taste buds. With over 39 bottles shipped abroad from Scotland every second, ‘the water of life’ has become a massive phenomenon in recent years, with a huge boom in use and production all over the world since the turn of the century. Whisky is an acquired taste, meaning you need to know which one he likes before spending lots of money on the liquid! It’s a gift he can savour for a long time though, giving satisfaction for months and years to come.


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Luxury Socks


You may think of these items as the token Christmas present for your dad, but fear not as with the right brand, you will improve his already fashionable taste and upgrade his selection for every occasion.

For example, The London Sock Company sell luxury socks for your wellington boots, like their denim blue socks. The knee length woollen socks are comfortable and perfect for the long outdoor walk with the dogs at the weekend. Keep that warmth for all four seasons and show off his impeccable style at the same time.


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