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6 silly style mistakes that can ruin your day

6 silly style mistakes that can ruin your day

6 silly style mistakes that can ruin your day

Why you shouldn't make silly style mistakes

Style is an inevitable aspect of life, it is directly relevant to the things you achieve in your life.Dressing perfect gives you an upper hand in winning over people, as stylish people somehow correlate to be trustworthy and smart.therefore stop making this common style mistakes that could possibly ruin your day.

Pockets in cargo pants aren't meant to be used

Cargo pants are great casual wear and the best alternative to a jogger and while still maintaining the comfort of going casual, cargo pants  can get you to look young, modern, and cool if worn a pair that fits well, as parachute like cargo pants fits are no good, but what is worse than that is people actually feel the need to use the extra pockets which make protruding patches over your pockets.

Size down !!! Wearing oversized cloths

Wearing oversized clothes come with so many downsides,  it makes you look shorter and gives an impression of having an unattractive posture which could be easily avoided by opting for the right fit, this the most common of all the style mistakes which can easily be avoided by sizing down next time when you go for shopping, and try sizes until you get that snug fit.

Wearing extreme super skinny jeans

Prior to the previous point, this is also a burning issue, it’s very common among the style mistakes nowadays to see guys get overboard with skinny jeans that are so skinny that it just looks unappealing and destroys the manliness vibe. anything uncomfortably tight should be avoided, style doesn’t have to cost you to sacrifice your comfort.

Dress shirt aren't made to be worn casually

This style mistake has been discussed so many times on the internet that it should have reached the entire population on planet earth by now and yet so many people are confusing between dress shirts and the ones that are meant to be used casually, for the record dress shirts are usually longer in terms of height and have buttons down the full length and the bottom end is normally flattened out as no detail is needed as there are meant to worn tucked in, on the other hand, casual shirts are bit short and the bottom end  is curved and more “brought in” so it should be worn untucked.

ft. | Dress shirt on left and casual shirt on right |

Use a slim downed wallet

A wallet is the most important accessory in a men’s arsenal and if it’s cluttered with visiting card and other unnecessary bill receipts and what not, it sends a strong signal of being a unorganised messy kinda person.

over using hair product

Hair style plays a major role in your overall style and it also says a lot about your personalities and probably that is why it very common to see people going overboard with hair products. it just ruins every thing and sometimes ends up making you look gross , that why we prefer cream based product which vanishes after applying but keeps the hair manageable and generally avoid clay, as it has a tendency remain in the hair for so long which is why the only exception, is summer when it’s best for maintaining hair style for longer period of time as the heat doesn’t melt the product, where as the where the cream based products don’t really help to retain hair style for longer period of time.

ft. | cream based product e.g on left and clay based product example on right |

There is no such thing as the right way when it comes to style it’s more of a personal thing but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that some times it just sends the opposite message contrast to what you actually want to convey, so there are things which can be considered as style mistakes even though there is no definitive right or wrong way of doing something.

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