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Our primary focus is to convey progression of fashion through the implementation of visual elements to enhance the reading experiences @fadedmix we envision to create one of the premier online destinations for our reader to connect to the world into a further dimension to some of the most interesting and compelling stories within fashion and culture.

Fadedmix’s daily news section has become an important destination for those interested in the latest developments within the fashion community as well as other aspects of culturally-relevant content such as art, music, design and lifestyle. Several consistent marquee features have provided fadedmix readers with a unique vantage point into the industry. Among the most prominent ongoing features include ESSENTIALS (a look into the daily essentials of several important creatives within the industry), PROCESS (an account from start to finish of how products are created) and PEN & PAPER (an intimate look into the sketchbook of an artist).

For editorial inquiries, contact(at)fadedmix.com

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Fadedmix values its relationships with all our consumers worldwide and those we collaborate with to bring you exciting content on a daily basis. We also take very seriously matters involving cyber-security so we can continue to protect you, our collaborators and our brand. With that in mind, it is very important to note that we do not engage in the practice of solicitation or phishing. Any correspondence to you from our company should have an official email address ending in either @fadedmix.com Any emails you receive without these designations from persons claiming to be an employee, representative or partner of Fadedmix Magazine. are fraudulent and very likely being used in furtherance of a scam to obtain your personal information, or even in some cases, your money.

We are committed to fully investigating and taking aggressive legal action against any person or persons posing as an employee of our company or misrepresenting themselves as a partner of ours to deceive you. This includes pursuing criminal charges against such people. If you are the recipient of any such email, please report it to us immediately. We appreciate your help in making sure that Fadedmix remains a safe digital environment for all to enjoy.

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