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How The Art Of Reflection Can Unlock The Possibilities Of Your Life
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How The Art Of Reflection Can Unlock The Possibilities Of Your Life

How The Art Of Reflection Can Unlock The Possibilities Of Your Life

“Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” ― Charles Dickens

When I reached home yesterday after my 9 hours of working day. All I did for three hours was going through my Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp feed. I also watched some funny videos on YouTube and suddenly I felt like I have done something terrible. “Oh! I just wasted my 3 good hours in this plastic and artificial life for nothing that is worthy of my time.” I expressed my frustration saying that.

Then I tried to recall that I have been living this lifestyle for months now. I even don’t remember that new year resolution I made so proudly on the eve of this new year.

Nothing Changed. Nothing Improved.

Lifestyle is not the only important aspect of our lives. Our career, our relationships and our health are other aspects that are equally crucial for us.This made me think about the importance of daily reflection and observation in our lives.Isn’t this the life millions of people are living every day without realizing the immense damage and lack of balance it’s causing in our personal and social lives.

Agreed or not?

Real love, real friends, real satisfaction and real happiness are such things that seem to be alien to us today. How reflecting on our actions and thoughts can help us get out this stressful and fake life? Want to know then this article is for you.

The process of reflection

The process of reflection is deeply connected with your experiences. In your life, you have many achievements, failures, heartbreaks and adventures. Some of these experiences do not impact on us much but some change our perspectives, behaviour and even the way we live our lives. Reflection takes place when we are ready to evaluate the choices and mistakes we made. When we try to figure out the real outcomes of the actions we performed and the relationships we constructed with the people and society. And the best way to do it is writing your journal. First make some categories like career, family and health. Then one by one ask yourself these questions for each category you made:

● Are you happy with the current status you have in this field? If not,
how can you improve it further?

● Did you achieve the goals you set for the last month or the past year?

● How can you learn from your mistakes and apply this learning to
achieve more success in this field?


You can sit with your mentor, best friend or parents and can discuss your life with them but do it only with the person who listens to you without Judging your thoughts and situations. But remember, your transformation of life only depends on you. So do it the right way.

What are the benefits of self-reflection and observation

Reflection makes you self-aware

When you are aware enough to throw some light over your mistakes or achievements you set yourself free from prejudices and wrong beliefs. You are able to see the manipulative forces that keep you distracting from the path of a successful and happy life.

Above all, you can not only forgive people who hurt you but also you can forgive yourself for the hurt you caused to your loved ones. Self-awareness gives you insights to identify the right opportunities in your life. When you reflect on your memories your past start helping you design your future with fewer regrets and more satisfaction.

Observation and peaceful mind

Observation has the power to bring you the greatest gift of your life. A peaceful mind.
How? It’s not necessary that you only reflect on your life events. Actually, you can learn from any experience or incident that takes place around you. Especially when you read a book or watch a movie you can utilize the emotion you feel for some specific character.

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That is how observation works. It helps you understand your struggles. You can have a closer look at your fears when you evaluate your character as you evaluate others. Once you start doing it consistently you will find the peace within you. Now if we focus on your life events here. Can you tell what are the most beautiful things in your life that really make you happy? And how much time you spend doing these things? Be honest with yourself when you look for answers. For most of us, They are our family, our friends and our passion. Whatever you do, just be with them and live your passion.

The realization of your life

Now you know the art of reflection and you also understand how to observe things happening around you. What if you can use this art to achieve your goals. Is it possible?Yes, after you practice it consistently you can identify your life goals easily and execute them successfully.

So many people are busy out there to gather materialistic success. But few are still there who know the real meaning of our life is to love each other and grow together. You are free to make your choices. Just make it sure you know what you want to leave behind for your next generations. Once you are clear about your goals all you have to do is measuring your progress every day and changing your ways according to the results you are getting. Soon you will be able to discover the purpose of your life.

In other words the realization of your existence. Then you will find there is no difference between nature and you. You will be able to eliminate anger, hate, greed and fear from your life. Then you will find happiness everywhere and with everyone.


It’s time to reflect on this article. Is it helpful for you or not? If yes, then please share this article with your friends as well. Do not forget to ask any questions you have about this article in the comment section. Thank You.

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