Artist Sam Cox Takes Over Fendi Roma HQ
Artist Sam Cox Takes Over Fendi Roma HQ

Artist Sam Cox Takes Over Fendi Roma HQ

The Italian label released a video of London-based artist Sam Cox, better known as Mr. Doodle, showing him atop Fendi Roma, the brand’s headquarters at Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. Armed with black and yellow markers, he scribbles an array of playful characters on large, reflective blocked letters that spell out the company’s name, “Roma,” and “FF.”

Think back to your school days, bored in an afternoon lesson, and it’s likely you’ll remember at some point having a doodle on your notebook (or your desk if you were really naughty).

And one man has managed to turn an adolescent habit into a full-blown creative endeavour/career. Introducing Mr Doodle, London-based artist Sam Cox, renowned for his unique doodle-style of drawing. And his latest feat sees him take on the rooftop of Fendi’s HQ for a full makeover.

fendi rooftop

Etching over giant mirrored letters during two days of drawing in a solid stream, Cox spelled out Fendi, Roma and the iconic Fendi double F – all in bold yellow and black tones. Eventually he covers not only the FENDI Rooftop, but the whole Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana.

In addition, Caterina, a young tailor of the FENDI atelier, combined various tailoring techniques to create unique patterns on Mr Doodle’s tailor-made jumpsuit.

For the design of his Peekaboo bag, Sam Cox mixed elements from his creative world, DoodleLand with the FENDI universe. Kooky creatures in black and white gave life to the pattern on the bag, which also featured the brand’s slogans resulting in a one-of-a-kind Peekaboo bag.

Graffiti art meets the heritage of FENDI.

Doodling Fearless 02
Doodling Fearless 01
Mr Doodle Fearless Fisfor 8
Mr Doodle Fearless Fisfor 9
Mr Doodle Fearless Fisfor 10
Mr Doodle Fearless Fisfor 11
Mr Doodle Fearless Fisfor 2
Mr Doodle Fearless Fisfor 3
Mr Doodle Fearless Fisfor 4
Mr Doodle Fearless Fisfor 5

“Doodling is always fun, but doodling on top of the Fendi rooftop was particularly special,” Cox said in a statement. “It was an amazing platform to be doodling on. Being there and seeing this magnificent building made me very excited to consume Fendi HQ at PDCI with my doodles.”

This performance art piece follows other Fendi Roma rooftop takeovers: Russian graffiti artists Pokras Lampas, The Ring of Future that featured six street artists from around the world, and a presentation by eight Roman artists titled GraFFiti. All this is part of “F is for Fendi,” a marketing initiative created in 2017 to attract Millennials. Cox’s installation, for instance, coincides the with the launch of a version of the brand’s Peekaboo bag, which artist’s signature designs.

Check out his full interview at MEET MR. DOODLE

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