AstroReality’s NASA 60th Anniversary AR Series Launches You To The Stars
AstroReality’s NASA 60th Anniversary AR Series Launches You To The Stars

AstroReality’s NASA 60th Anniversary AR Series Launches You To The Stars

We have always aspired to travel to the stars and beyond, in search of the origins of life as we know it. The AstroReality NASA 60th Anniversary Gift Series celebrates human space exploration and the pioneers who have launched into space to discover the unknown.

With the intent of honoring NASA’s iconic history and its spectacular 60th anniversary, AstroReality has designed and crafted the special NASA gift series – including NASA AR Notebook and NASA Space Mug, to commemorate every milestone of the groundbreaking discoveries.

NASA AR Notebook

From the beautifully embossed classic NASA “worm” insignia on the hardcover exterior to the immersive AR experience, the NASA AR Notebook is a perfect NASA gift for any space fan or astronomy lover.

first ar powered nasa gift notebook in white and grey

Introducing AstroReality NASA AR Notebook, in Glacier White and Titanium Grey.

The NASA AR Notebook has many features beyond the beautiful standard hardcover and premium binding. It is fully integrated with AstroReality’s exclusive AR software experience technology, with the first entire Solar System experience. Activate AR by pointing your device’s camera to the front cover of the notebook, and watch as our solar system springs to life before your eyes.

first interactive augmented reality solar system experience in nasa notebook

Activate the AR experience and watch as our solar system springs to life before your eyes.

Turn the page of the NASA AR Notebook to watch, interact, and learn about the history of NASA from its origin in 1958 until its 60th anniversary. Read about the grand history on the pages, or use the AstroReality Explorer App to watch its stories come to life.

nasa history from its origin to its 60th anniversary

Stunning Augmented Reality experience to learn about the history of NASA.

The NASA AR Notebook is created with the highest quality criteria that a notebook can be held to. The binding allows being placed in a full 180 degrees flat on a surface, enabling great balance for writing, drawing, and note taking. The acid-free paper has the perfect thickness and texture, which gives excellent feedback when imprinting your space imagination.

NASA Space Mug

Hard work and innovation, requires time and dedication. We designed the space mug with the determination to bringing the distant space exploration to your everyday life. NASA Space Mug will be with you and inspire you with the future you are creating.

the first space mug with augmented reality experience

Share the same perspective as NASA by looking at the Earth from the satellite view.

The beautifully embossed classic NASA “worm” insignia on the packaging is designed for commemorating the 60th anniversary of NASA. The Space Mug gives you views from 500 million square kilometers up in the atmosphere, looking down on our blue planet from the iconic International Space Station.

nasa space mug with augmented reality app.

A space gift that allows you to travel around the world in your hand.

Get in touch with space in daily life. Scan NASA Space Mug through our AstroReality Explorer app, and have a simulated spaceship experience. All data comes from NASA and USGS high-definition satellite photos, covering the entire surface of the Earth.

nasa space mug is a unique space gift for any occasion.

NASA Space Mug is a unique space gift that gives you a taste of space in your everyday life.

Now, you will have the chance to share the same perspective as NASA. The Amazon Rainforest, the Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland, the Himalayas, the Grand Canyon in the United States… All the stunning natural scenery, more than 200 countries and regions, and the fascinating beauty of more than 10,000 cities will slowly pass in front of your eyes.

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