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Barrington Watch Winder Review With 10% Discount Code

Barrington Watch Winder Review With 10% Discount Code

Barrington Watch Winder Review With 10% Discount Code

Well if you don’t know much about watch winders or you’re new to the wristwatch game, here goes a simplified explanation.

A watch winder is designed to mimic the daily movement of the watch on your wrist when you are not wearing it. Watch winders keep watches constantly moving to avoid unnecessary wear on the movement. They can be programmed to wind your watch in a clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating direction with various turn per day options. Depending on the size, make and model of your watch these setting will differ from watch to watch.
After all, an automatic watch is a precision piece of engineering with a very complex mechanism. Every time a watch is unscrewed to be wound, it erodes the screw threads. A winder prevents you from having to constantly rewind and reset the watch because it keeps it in a programmed cycle of motion. This ensures the rotor keeps the mainspring coiled, but not too tightly. There are parts inside your watch like cogs, levers and springs, all of which are lubricated by a very fine oil that keeps the watch functioning at optimal performance. Watch winders ensure that the oil is evenly distributed throughout the movement.

Before we get into the reviewing process here is a 10% discount promo code: FADED10 from exclusively for our audience.

The one we will be reviewing is the single winder from Barrington Watch Winders, Its a British brand with a product line that stretches from single winders, all the way up to dual, quad and multi watch winders. Some are even cased within bulletproof glass!

Featuring an ultra quiet Japanese motor, the single winder is available in seven signature colours; black, white, red, green, blue, orange and yellow. Coming with a slightly higher price tag, you can find their limited edition range that consists of premium wooden finishes such as GREY KOTO, OAK (UNVARNISHED)

Special Editions

Click here to have a look on all the exclusive colours

The Design

As for the dimensions, it’s quite compact so will easily fit on shelves or desks, taking up less space than you’d expect. For people who have multiple single winders, the watch winder box allows you to store multiple watch winders in the most compact way possible. The other important thing about the winder is that it’s very heavy which gives it a premium feel but not ideal for carrying with you while travelling.

In case you are wondering about how well will your watch fits on to the holder, you’re provided with a standard cushion on Single Watch Winder range which will fit a wrist circumference of 19-24cm but they also provide ‘Flex Cushion’ which is much more versatile and can, therefore, fit wrist circumferences of 14-20cm, as well as larger models of watch.

Another important thing is to not confuse a Watch Winder to a simple Spinner

There are certain so-called lower priced “Automatic watch winders” on the market
Most of these are simply an ordinary watch storage box with a low-quality motor device attaches to it. These “spinner” gadgets should not be classified as “Automatic Watch Winders”. These gadgets simply “spin” your watches continuously without any intervals.

While these low quality “watch winder spinners” could serve the purpose initially, the continuous use of these non-stop “spinners” will cause stress on your watch’s internal mainsprings, and exert unnecessary torque pressure on the moving mechanism of your watch. All these would likely lead to loss of accuracy of your watches, causing the internal lubrication of the watch movement to wear out much faster, and would very likely shorten the lifespan of your watches.

Barrington Watch Winders operate on a principle of gentle rotation. these rotate for a minute before resting and then starting again for another minute, with the interval period determined by how many turns per day you have set, which can be set to 650, 750, 850 or 1000. To further protect your watch Barrington Watch Winders only operate for twelve hours in every twenty-four. This means the one-minute cycles will continue only over a twelve-hour period and for the next twelve hours the winder will at rest.

Sometimes (not always though) cheaper winders have noisier motors or become noisier over time.

That’s not the case with the Barrington winder I have personally used. Although it’s not completely silent, it’s at a tolerable limit which is quite understandable given it has moving parts inside so it’s unlikely it could ever be completely silent. Moreover, as it has a 12-hour rest interval in every 24 hours you can set it to in such a way so that it stays at rest during your sleeping schedule.


A watch winder is for automatic watches only, those that do not have a battery and do not need manual winding but keep going because of the motion of the watch on your wrist. Typically these are higher-end Swiss and German watches. So it provides an element of convenience. Leaving your watch in a winder ensures that when you come to wear it you can be confident that the time is correct and the watch can be immediately worn without the fuss of having to adjust the date or time.

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