Dope video gear used by youtuber MKBHD

Marques Brownlee, also known by his YouTube username, MKBHD, with more than 5 million subscribers and 720,404,246 views, his well-produced MKBHD videos are among the most popular sources of gadget commentary online.In August 2013, Vic Gundotra, former Senior Vice President, Social for Google, called Brownlee “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now His videos are short, precise and contain all the information you need to know about a particular piece of tech.

MKBHD joined YouTube on March 21, 2008. He first started uploading technology videos in January 2009 At first he uploaded tutorial videos recorded with his webcam, and as his fan following grew, he expanded his channel’s idea by uploading reviews on smartphones, laptops and many other tech products. MKBHD from the start of his YouTube career wasn’t a perfectionist. If you have ever viewed his early or actually the first videos you would never believe he was the same MKBHD then.

Initially, he used a Sanyo Xacti CG10 for recording his youtube videos, But nowadays things are done quite differently, He takes a lot of effort and time into taking shots that’s are very pleasing to the eye. He even uses an 8K camera and then edits the raw footage using his arsenal of dope tech. His videos always seem to be well formatted and are well executed with the perfect lighting and other important factors.

If you are planning to start a youtube channel this is quite an overkill to use this type of products for web content creation of any type, there are more affordable options to go for while retaining the similar video quality and there is always the option to upgrade as your channel grows.

Check Out MKBHD’s First Youtube Camera

what do you think? which one should be the best all-around camera to make youtube videos in 2017

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