CASETiFY X Virtual Super Land to Launch First Ever Green-Screen Augmented Reality Tech Accessories
CASETiFY X Virtual Super Land to launch First Ever Green-Screen Augmented Reality Tech Accessories

CASETiFY X Virtual Super Land to Launch First Ever Green-Screen Augmented Reality Tech Accessories

You don’t have to be a gamer to have heard of virtual reality – now ‘augmented reality’ is the new tech craze blurring the lines between real and imaginary. And it’s about time our accessories caught up. Orsolya Szabo and Natasha Smith’s unisex streetwear brand Virtual Super Land have teamed up with CASETiFY, to bring you a collection of interactive phone cases and watch straps that display trippy visuals, perfect for the ‘gram.

CASETiFY, the first and largest customisable tech accessory platform, has partnered with Virtual Super Land to merge fashion with technology, creating the first ever green-screen, augmented reality phone cases and watch straps.

With both companies at the intersection of fashion and tech, the theme of this collection is “Enter Hyper Reality” and the collaboration is part of CASETiFY’s brand-new creative program, CASETiFY co-lab. Through co-lab, Casetify taps into creatives around the world to offer their customers never-before-seen products with the mission to champion self expression through tech.

Virtual Super Land uses green screen technology in their high-voltage range of accessories that allow you to match your phone case, and/or watch, to any outfit or mood. Their psychedelic products have us questioning our own sense of reality – Matrix, anyone? – and merge Renaissance vibes with 90s-esque neon colours and animated solar systems.

The collection aims to take fashion into a new high tech, hyper reality space. Via a VSL app which uses green screen technology to incorporate augmented reality into streetwear and accessories.

Unlike commonly used green-screen (chroma key) hardware, the VSL app uses video game technology to simulate chroma key through pixel shaders to create mixed reality. With video game creation, each pixel is analysed and changed for a different aesthetic, function or effect in the game.

The VSL app does the same by finding the green pixels and converting each one into the desired graphics. The Virtual Super Land x CASETiFY tech accessories capsule all feature green pixels in order to interact with the VSL app with the aim to transform the customer’s approach to personal content.

The Virtual Super Land co-lab will include six different designs including the Neon Sand iPhone case designs in Exxxtra (green/yellow) colourways and also the best selling Impact case with customisable options. The collection will also include two watchbands, all featuring green elements which can be activated in various degrees through the app with moving animations of solar systems, Renaissance sculptures and swirling VSL logos.

It’s not just green screens – the sustainable collection doesn’t hurt the planet, either. The dynamic duo behind Virtual Super Land say the message at the heart of their brand is “connection and inclusivity through accessibility”, as well as being all about stylish, ever-changing products. We’re here for it.

Prices range from £30 to £40.

You can shop the Virtual Super Land collab here.

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