Chelsea Sneakers – More Like Less Dressy Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are pretty trendy nowadays and are amazingly good for dressy wear and a perfect alternative to Double monk strap or oxford shoes for that classy look, the best thing about the Chelsea boots are they work well with, slim fit and skinny jeans due to its slim form factor. however, this dressy vibe of the item just limits the use of it on the casual occasions and this is where Chelsea sneakers come to save the day.

Chelsea sneakers are amazing it has all the features that we love about the boots and manages to bring it down to  something more appropriate for casual wear,

How to wear

These sneakers feel less rigid than traditional sneakers and the slim snug fitting of the Chelsea sneakers makes it less appropriate for oversized clothing, so always try to go with fitted clothing while rocking these, and avoid dressing up with this, made to wear casual stuff.

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