Crushing on the Retro Theme? Deck up Your Kitchen like That!
Crushing on the Retro Theme? Deck up Your Kitchen like That!

Crushing on the Retro Theme? Deck up Your Kitchen like That!

Do you love the retro black and white designs? The playful style of the 70’s and the 80’s, the decor with the vintage pieces and the lanterns – do you simply crush on them and wish if you could own a nook of that theme as well? If the answer to the above questions is a yes, then you must definitely consider revamping your shabby and dull kitchen into a gorgeous Retro one.

Do not worry, as with some creativity and research, you would definitely be able to give it a fab uplift! Retro kitchens are funky, unique and extremely charming. They would add a dose of personality to this not-so-happening corner of the house and help you fetch a lot of praises from your friends and family too. And you do not need to hire an interior decorator for this one. Just go through this blog and you will get some fantastic ideas. Incorporate them and watch the magic yourself!

Say “Hi” to Wooden Cabinets

Close your eyes and think about retro kitchen storage! What is the first thing that came to your mind? Rich, brown and luxurious cabinets with beautiful pulls and knobs, right? Yes, you must get a gorgeous brown set of cabinets when it comes to storing your utensils, appliance, etc. What? No, they are not expensive at all. There are several online shops out there offering Discount Cabinets and they offer a wide range of designs, textures and sizes as well. They are customizable so get one according to your requirements. You can get the walnut or toffee cabinets which are a rage these days. The maple cabinets are pretty exquisite too.

Checker Flooring

An absolute must for a true retro heart of the house! Checked floorings are a classic and timeless design. And if you want to go quirky while doing justice to the theme, then how about red and white checks? It would look amazing as well.

Polka Dots

Yes, polka dots spell retro! So, add them wherever you can. It can be the wallpapers, the table linens, or simply wherever you would like them to be. They are funky, fun and definitely add a lot of appeal to any space.

Funky Hardware

From the cabinets knobs and pulls to each and every hardware piece in the kitchen, they all need to be inspired by the 70’s, 80’s or the 90’s. They need to have a vintage appeal to them and hence, pick carefully. It’s all about the tiny details that matter at the end of the day.

A Breakfast Bar

Do you remember your grandparent’s house where there was a black and white breakfast bar at the kitchen? Do you miss it? Then, how about installing such a countertop in your own kitchen? Your family members would love it as well.

Throwback Signage

To add more drama to your themed kitchen, get some throwback signage as well. If you want, you can create a gallery wall with them.

A few other things which you must get for your kitchen are the vintage appliance, padded stools, chandeliers, or stainless steel lights, etc. The thing is that there is no ending to experimentation and creativity. So, make use of it! Add a retro clock to the walls or maybe, Tupperware.

So, I hope with this blog, you will be able to design your very own retro style kitchen. To know more about kitchen themes, bedroom decors and various kinds of Kitchen Cabinets, kindly wait for my next set of blogs.

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