Style Inspiration – Colours That Can Replace Navy Blue

Navy blue is definitely the most commonly and excessively used colour in men’s fashion, it just resonates with a man’s manliness, Its classic effortless and elegant in terms of styling for various reason, but then again with such commonly used shade how can you expect to stand out from the crowd?

Therefore its time to replace them with other dark colours that looks equally awesome but is highly underrated, that is Burgundy and Dark green


Burgundy pairs well with other on-trend colours and a variety of different patterns, meaning it can easily be adapted to suit your own personal style and the contrast is similar to navy blue which therefore makes you look slimmer as well.

Basic recommendation on key pieces 

Dark green

Although green can be a tricky colour to get right it has a lot of potentials to work well, just avoid dressing up with it from top to bottom as it will make it look like a uniform.

Basic recommend on key pieces 

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