Fendi Partners with Korean Sunglasses Brand The Gentle Monster
Fendi Partners with Korean Sunglasses Brand The Gentle Monster for a Capsule Collection in Time for Summer.

Fendi Partners with Korean Sunglasses Brand The Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster partners with FENDI to announce the début of GENTLE FENDI. Inspired by the innovative designs of Gentle Monster and exquisite craftsmanship of Fendi, the two brands come together to create an extraordinary capsule collection. This limited-edition collection consists of the cat eyed GENTLE FENDI 01 and the chic oversized GENTLE FENDI 02. The collection will be available at Gentle Monster stores worldwide, online at GENTLEMONSTER.COM, and at select FENDI boutiques beginning May 7th, 12 PM KST (GMT+9).

fendi gentle monster capsule collection
gentle monster fendi collaboration capsule collection eyewear

Consisting of two unisex styles, the collaboration blends Fendi’s DNA with Gentle Monster’s unpredictable aesthetic.

for a new capsule collection, manufactured and distributed by Salifo.

Featuring six different styles – from cat eye to classic aviator silhouettes – the unisex range combines Fendi’s dedication to craftsmanship with Gentle Monster’s futuristic, innovative aesthetic.

The Gentle Fendi No. 1 part of the collection channels the tiny shades trend and are marked with a bright Fendi logo, while Gentle Fendi No.2 are crafted from metal for a versatile, flattering and easy-to-wear shape.

To celebrate the launch of the collaboration this month, the brands teamed up with Russian art collective AES+F to create a short film. Reflecting its mix of futuristic and traditional themes, it sees the collection catapulted into a surreal, cyberpunk universe where classical architecture and hyper-modern geometric structures collide.

However, this isn’t the first time Gentle Monsters have offered their own expertise to a fashion house in order to create something special for the eyes. Through numerous projects, they have established themselves as experts in the art of collaborating.

“Our in-house team of designers work tirelessly to create newness and to experiment often pushing the boundaries of aesthetics and innovative production. Working with like-minded brands, designers, artists etc. allows that process to expand into new realms; resulting in an idea and product that we may not have been able to develop on our own without working closely with a partner”

says Gary Bott, Gentle Monster’s Managing Director. Who are the people they wish to work with in the future?

“We admire brands that inspire us in the same way we hope inspires them. There must ultimately be a business reason for these type of partnerships, but in the first instance there has to be a mutual appreciation and desire to want to work together. The best collaborations are the ones that first appear unexpected but then make sense and appeal to the end user”

Says Gary Bott

While we wait the Fendi collab to drop and anticipate the future projects to be announced, it seems the right time to look back and appreciate some of our favourite Gentle Monster collabs.

Two events will also take place to mark the occasion, hosted in the Seoul and Beijing Gentle Monster stores on 7 and 14 May respectively, where guests are invited to view the collection alongside bespoke animations created in line with its release.

A Gentle Fendi cafè will also be open to visit from 7 May until the end of July in Seoul, which will offer the opportunity to taste a customised Gentle Fendi original steccolecco gelato bar, as well as other bespoke drinks and desserts.

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