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Google Analytics the Most Accurate Statistic Solution

Google Analytics the Most Accurate Statistic Solution

Google Analytics the Most Accurate Statistic Solution

If you are running your own website and trying out a new thing to convert your website into the best, then I bet you must have heard the name “Google Analytics.”There are several traffic measurement tools available just like the Google Analytics. There is just one thing that makes the GA more superior than the others, and that thing is the accuracy which it possesses. The Google Analytics is more accurate than its competitors because it can filter out most of the bots and works well with not recording the same user again and again. The data provided by the Google Analytics and other similar tools will usually vary. This article will explain why the GA is the most accurate traffic measurement tool and why the information varies with the change in tools.


Google Analytics contains the best not filters:

When it comes to filtering bots, the Google Analytics is the best traffic measurement tool to filter them. Other stats providing programs also promise to filter the bots, but their system or way of tracking is not as robust as the GA.
Imagine Google Analytics measuring every bot coming to your website as a user. The data of your site, in this case, will be a distorted one. Now you must be wondering what a bot is. A bot might be referral spam, malicious scripts or even a harmless search engine.

Of course, the website that you made is for the living human beings. The Google Analytics makes sure that it only records the visits from the genuine human being and nothing else. Other competitors are not even near to protect the website from this many bots. A simple question from our side is that whether you will trust a company with worldwide existence and high-level technology or any other inexperienced organization?

better matrices

Google Analytics incorporates better metrics than others

Session focused rather than the clicks or hits Another reason behind the Google Analytics to give a different data is that the metrics are better than the ones usually used by other tools. The Google Analytics measures the session spent by an individual on your website rather than calculating the clicks and hits given by a user. A session means the performance of different transaction or function between the user and website in a given time.

The number of stats given by the GA will be lesser as compared to the tools which calculate the page view, hits or clicks. The reason behind the decrease in numbers is that a person might click a link three times. For such person, the click-based metric will calculate three clicks while the session metric will count it as a single session.
The decrease is due to the counting procedure. A session stat is unique because it contains separate visitors. The click stats are repetitive because it writes down the same functions performed by a single visitor. So, other tools give different stats, not only due to the bot problem but also the click or hit based metrics. This does not mean that the data given in the other tools is wrong. But the reality is that the Google Analytics gives a more precise and more concise data which can help to develop your website to a better one.

Monster Insights does not count the logins

The stat tools do not keep a check on the administrative activities, and Google Analytics is same in this respect. But if you use MonsterInsights, then your website will avoid the inaccuracy caused by the administrative logins in the demographic data. MonsterInsights is a software which is made for those who does not want the administration to influence the demographic data. If you want to keep a check on administrative activities as well, then the option is there to be used.

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Why is Google Analytics different from other tools?

There are hundreds of traffic measuring software available in the market. You can install any of them if you want to.
You install more than one tool on your website, and if you compare their results, then you will see that there is a clear-cut difference in the values calculated by each tool. The reason is that it brings variety. But, the Google Analytics is something else. It will give you a small amount of data. The data would not be as comprehensive and lengthy as the other tools, but the data will be an actual one. GA’s data is not based on the bots or even the raw clicks or hits given by several users. And it can be used with MosterInsights to make your site data more relevant, accurate and reasonable for you to use while taking crucial decisions.

Why is it the most accurate option available?

The Google is an experienced company, and it knows how the industry works. It can bring the best ads for your website from the internet to help you achieve your marketing plans. Google is not perfect. Of course, nothing is perfect. But Google Analytics is the best option available for the website owners to use. We have explained it above, and we would summarize the result that your data will be precise but accurate for you to use. Apart from all this, if you need your new website business to grow then install the best five Google Analytics add-ons available.


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