How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Technological advancements are being made every day and we are living in an age that literally could not have been imagined just a few decades ago. Likewise, we probably can’t imagine living in a world that is lacking the technology we are so accustomed to. Sure, we read about history and watch the movies, but if we were actually to go back, we’d have a much harder time adapting than we think we would, because we don’t even realize how much technology we’re using.

Basic needs

Thanks to technology, we can now store food without it spoiling, cook it easily and wash up afterwards without putting much effort in at all. We can regulate the temperatures of our homes, the water we use and even open and close the blinds with a click of a button. Our homes are now smart and do so much work for us without us even realizing how difficult life would be without them.


We can now literally communicate with people in outer space. But perhaps even more amazing than that is that we can live-chat and video call with anyone, even if they’re on the other side of the world. Not too long ago, all we could do is ring them up by telephone (if we had one) and hope that the connection will last for a short conversation, usually one that is difficult to hear and understand. And before that, we had letters that took days to reach a different city within the same country. All in all, communication is now not only a lot faster, but much more convenient as well, as we are able to instantly send not only pictures and videos, but huge amounts of data in every available form. Just the sheer fact that we have online data transfer is pretty amazing, and it’s something that we’ve already gotten used to and couldn’t manage without.


Let’s just say that everything is more accessible with modern technology. There is an app for basically anything – from keeping a calendar and tracking your period all the way to ordering a hot pepperoni pizza in New York or a relaxing massage in Hong Kong with MindBeauty app. We’re no longer going into shops to buy the things we need: we order them online and they appear right at our doorstep. And entertainment isn’t far behind: while some people still enjoy a play or a trip to the theater, most rely on at-home entertainment like Netflix, video games or television. Not to mention how much we have shifted our lifestyles in the evening hours, because we don’t have to worry about the dark. And medicine has thrived, with wounds that were once fatal now being contained by procedures.


Getting to another country – not to mention another continent – used to take weeks and months at a time. We’re lucky that today even the most faraway lands can be reached within a day by airplane. And everyday transportation has improved even more, so that we can drive anywhere, take the metro or just order an Uber. Our bikes are equipped with everything needed to make our commute as comfortable as possible and the roads themselves are much more practical and safer. Imagine driving down streets made of dirt and rocks, with no stoplights. So the next time you’re stuck at a traffic jam, just remember – you could have been going all that way on foot.

Social life

There’s no denying that the advancement of technology has changed the way we socialize, which goes beyond the communication advancements we already mentioned. More and more people are meeting new friends, business partners and romantic partners online. It’s in a way become the main way we connect with people, since we are using the internet to research people and keep up with their lives even if we’ve only met once in real life – or never met at all. There’s also socializing through playing video games together, streaming movies and conference calls, all playing a big part in how we spend time with other people. More and more often, you don’t meet up with someone to chat and hang out – you simply text.

But probably the biggest change we can see is in the ease of access to information and the sharing of the same. Yes, it has made it very easy to spread false facts, but we are now more informed than ever about things that are going on around the world, and we can check multiple sources to make sure of it in an instant. We’re sharing, commenting and voicing our opinion to the world – but do you see it as bringing us together, or pushing us apart?

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