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How to build a perfect wardrobe & Basic essential recommendations
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How to build a perfect wardrobe & Basic essential recommendations

How to build a perfect wardrobe & Basic essential recommendations

Most People will judge you by your appearance and unfortunately, that’s the way it is, People subconsciously consider well-presented people to be relatively smarter and the clothes you chose to wear plays a massive role in what your overall appearance outcome would be. unless you spend most of your time in your room most of us have to socialise and being appreciated is something you should definitely look forward into. That is really the point of being fashionable we want the appreciation of others not because it’s important or something but yeah, it definitely feels good.In case if you are wondering if you have to spend hours to plan for dressing up like if you’re going to a red carpet event, absolutely not!! well exactly the opposite of it that is not needing to even plan your outfit and still end up with  fabulous outfit and most importantly standing out not necessarily means to wear flashy clothes it’s just that appropriateness, looking perfect is the key here and surprisingly the solution for both time management and for perfect outfits outcome every single time is having a perfect wardrobe.

A perfect wardrobe has to be

  • Less Cluttered with unnecessary stuff as organised closet provides stylish outfit effortlessly and eliminates the situation of having too many clothes but still, barely have anything good to wear.
  • Have mostly interchangeable clothes that effortlessly produces amazing outfits that make you feel good and looks great when you wear it.
  • Future proof so that it coincides with the upcoming trends
  • Have outfits ready for any type of occasion
  • Visually Appealing

Sorting process to make room for more

No wonder there is always a handful of clothes in your wardrobe that you rarely wear or never touch at all, this builds up junk which intern is also growing with you an evolution of fashion sense. Therefore your first priority should be to get rid of those unnecessary junk in the closet and make it less cluttered to make it more efficient.

The clothes have to pass all these three check lists  –
Condition – distorted, washed out clothes are no good so get rid of it
Fit – it’s totally upon personal preference,
Liking – even if it passes the upper two test but is not something u don’t like then toss it away cause you will never end up wearing it.

Basic essential recommendation

Basic essentials are the framework of your wardrobe over which you will be adding up your other pieces.these are the must have items to cover all the need for an outfit for any possible event.

Casual wear: Tees | Shirts | Jeans | Shorts | Joggers

Casual wear doesn’t have to be boring and unstylish if done right you can still be as much confident wearing it as much if you have worn an amazing tuxedo


tees are the single most important thing for your casual wardrobe, Investing on higher quality cotton t-shirts is essential as it won’t be rough on skin and washing won’t damages the fabric easily.As for colours navy, colours burgundy, grey and obviously white and black has to be the primary pick as this following colours work with basically anything.

Dress shirts

Oxford shirts are men’s quintessential  button-up  shirts, therefore it makes them perfect for work and occasions where you can’t just arrive in a casual dressing, White and Blue dress are the classic must haves and the shirt should fit you around your chest and lower part perfectly or else the shirt would look fluffed around the waist..


jeans are the icon of fashion, If you ever have to choose to wear one pair of pants for the rest of your life it should definitely be a dark washed denim.Jeans are perfect for casual wear and but works with a dressier look.But it should be avoided for any kind of business wear.Denim jeans come in a huge range of different colours and washes but for the basic essential collection, start with a darker shades and avoid lighter ones.


This is amazing for the vacation type look.wear it up with a striped tee or patterned/floral shirt and you will look fab.In terms of options, you should go for chino or denim fabric and the other option is sweatshorts.


joggers are usually used as gym wear but that’s not necessarily all that it is, If you want you can definitely build a cool look out of it.

Business  Looks : Polo shirt | Suite | cotton shirt  | Chinos |


A good alternative to a button up shirt for a classic smart look pair it up with chinos and loafers and you will be good to go.Try avoiding polo with the coloured bands over the sleeves and stickers or what’s so ever containing any sort of graphical works.



It’s like the trump card in your fashion arsenal, it gives the ultimate best look you can achieve when your really need to and make you generally more confident.A grey or charcoal black suits works for any occasion.


Chinos are the dressy alternative to jeans, always try to stay on neutral shades and stay on slim fit cut rather than going for a skinny fit.

For layering : Cardigan | Sweater | Trench coat | Blazer | Hoodie

Layers are important for an added insulation as the temperature fluctuates during the night causing a chilled atmosphere.So a light insulator will always come in handy.Cardigan, hoodies are very casual stuff avoid dressing it up, but blazer, coat and sweater can be dressed up to suite your needs for any particular event.

Footwear :

Footwear comes in various different style and your choice should be contoured according to your lifestyle but you should definitely have a basic essential set of wear so that you don’t fall short at any point of your life.

Double monk strap

Perfect for a dressy look while keeping it comfortable, works best with simple business wear but not with total formal attire.

Chelsea boots

Good for casual wear and a perfect alternative to sneakers for that classy look, works well with slim fit and skinny pants due to its slim form factor.

Oxford Shoe

Highly versatile footwear, it can be dressed up or down according to your need but performs badly when used for casual dress up.


Sneakers are amazing because of its diversity and its versatility.It works well with most outfits as long its casual dress up but not that great for the work environment.


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