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Fresh From a Break Up, This is How You Can Start Enjoying Single Life
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Fresh From a Break Up, This is How You Can Start Enjoying Single Life

Fresh From a Break Up, This is How You Can Start Enjoying Single Life

Contrary to society’s popular belief, being single is not a life sentence or a curse. Being single doesn’t have to mean that you are lonely and sad. You’re better off single than being in a non fulfilling relationship. Singleness means more time to know about yourself and try new things.

Just like self-evaluation, single life offers you a chance to know who you really are, what you enjoy, and it’s an opportunity to explore different spectrums of life. Here are some of the ways you can enjoy your single life

Spend More Time With Family


When we are dating, we tend to sideline our families and people closest to use. While you are single, make the time and effort to be close with your family members before the romance arrives. Plan lunch dates with your siblings or spends a weekend camping with your cousins. Take time and visit your aunties and uncles and pay tribute to some of the family members you may have lost.



This is the time you should take to go places you always want to go and enjoy moving through your journey at your pace. If you have an independent mind then very soon you will realize how traveling solo can be great and fun.

Being single means that you get to visit places that matter to you without having to compromise your travel schedule for someone else. It means that you don’t need to ask for permission to take a longer route or extend your trip.

Rediscover Your Hobbies


Use the time alone to rediscover some of the hobbies you put aside while making time to pursue and develop new exciting interests. Cook more if you enjoy cooking, or spend more time outside if you enjoy the outdoors.

Use the time you are alone to cultivate new interest. Buy yourself the necessary gear or enroll in a class that will help you nurture your hobbies. Choose a new activity every weekend and explore all the excitement it has to offer.


Don’t wait till you are in relationship to go for treats or dates. Treat yourself to the things you want. Now is the time to buy yourself all the things you ever wanted, take yourself on romantic dates, and enjoy a good meal in a fancy hotel.

Set New Goals

goals in life

Set new goals to help you get to the place you want to be maybe five or ten years from now. Go back to grad school if you want to, or complete something you started then stopped at some point. If your goals include getting an internship or moving to a new state, now is the perfect time to actualize them.

Enjoy the Whole Bed


Being in a relationship, or in a marriage means having to share the bed. It means listening to your partner snore all night, or being unable to sleep because your partner keeps tossing and turning. Enjoy this time to completely and comfortably spread yourself out on the bed, watch a movie and have popcorn on the bed. Hog the sheets while you can.

Habits Single People Need to Adopt

When you are dating someone, or in love, you tend to filter your life through their eyes and opinions. When you leave them, or they break up with you, that doesn’t mean your life has come to a standstill. It means you finally have time to spend a few years being yourself, to be completely unbiased, and finally a chance to figure out what you really want in life.

People have negated that being single is a sad way to live life, that you should look at yourself and cry or look up Alcoholism Treatment & Rehab because you have nothing better to do. Well, that’s a big fat lie. Here are some of the habits single people should adopt to live a happier life alone:

Focus on Today and Be Grateful

Do not waste your time rehashing the past or being too worried about what the future will bring. Learn to let go of the past and be grateful and focus on the present. Happy people are more appreciative, appreciate the amazing things happening in your life right now.

Always Wake Up Happy


To wake up happy and jovial, make sure you do something positive before going to bed. Begin your day on the right track by maybe doing yoga, reading for 20 minutes, or going for a run, whatever suits you. Just make sure your morning routine is enriching and puts you in a positive mood.

Be Aware of the HALT

HALT means for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired.This is a phase most single people tend to experience. You can prevent it by adding self-care routines, eating regularly and healthy, engaging in positive activity especially when angry, and getting enough sleep.

Take Care of Yourself

Being single is the time to dig out all those healthy habits you had put aside when you were in a relationship. Now is the time to perfect the habits, it could be beauty routine, exercise, diet, or more sleep. Make those habits stronger now before getting into another relationship. Get more hours of sleep, go to the gym, and increase your water intake and so on.

Focus On Your Interests

Most women in relationships just have goals. Being single gives you the opportunity to actualize those interests. You finally have the time to go to a yoga class, hike the Grand Canyon, trying out anything new. What excuse do you have?

Appreciate Your Own Company

Being single gives you a chance to be your own best friend first before being someone else’s. So have fun with what you choose to do, whether it is reading, taking a bath, or running.

Love Your Independence

You’re free now, enjoy it! When you are in a relationship, your independent is limited because you have to consider what the other person wants or thinks before making an important decision. Now you have the independence to yourself, make the most of it.

Try New Things


Being single means, you can do one new thing every single day, whatever you like. Learn a new language, make new recipes, try zip lining, make DIYs from scratch, you have a platform to try new things. And it’s stress-free than it sounds, the minute you start you’ll want more.

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