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Introducing A Few New Things Made By Google

Introducing A Few New Things Made By Google

Introducing A Few New Things Made By Google

A few new things made by Google.

Meet the Pixel 2, Google Home Mini and Home Max, Google Pixelbook, Google Pixel Buds, Google Clips and Google Daydream View. Introducing a few new things made by Google. Some products coming soon.

A few days back Google introduced its second generation line up of products and some new stuff along the way for the consumers, it’s fascinating to see how much improvement the hardware team achieved as they didn’t have a positive reputation for selling hardware that much, remember ‘nexus phones’ to me it seemed like google assistant was the center of all things that happened in the event, Pixel phones, Home Mini and Max, new designed Pixelbook,  Clips, Pixel Buds, and an updated Daydream View headset.All powered with AI

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Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Let’s start with a successor to one of the best phones for 2016 i.e pixel, it was one of the most anticipated phones this year, with its predecessor having the best smartphone camera in any smartphone in that year, Pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL is again the most highest-rated camera on the market right now .The smartphone has some tweaked design elements to make it water resistant and this time there is no headphone jack, which is getting more common with high-end smartphone nowadays,small attempt towards a wireless future maybe, perhaps the most intriguing feature is the “Google Lens” where it’s an introduction of visual smart detection system where you will be able to look up landmarks, books, music albums, movies and artwork by clicking on the Lens icon in Google Photos, all around you.


It’s fascinating to see how far chrome operating system has come and is pushing itself forward in the midst of overly dominating windows and Mac operating systems,initially Chromebooks were low powered laptops to get the most generic works done, but now they are introducing Pixelbook which is a 12.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen that comes with premium hardware then again google assistant is also a big part of it, Artificial intelligence is everywhere nowadays

Google Home Mini

Started with Alexa powered amazon echo, which was a big leap towards smart interconnected homes almost most of the major companies has introduced their version of artificial intelligence powered speakers, and google home being wildly popular with its google assistant, Now they are introducing a smaller version of it calling it Google Home Mini. With a sleek design, the Mini is about the size of a doughnut. with an integration of a 360-degree sound that comes in 3 different colours (chalk, charcoal and coral).the size is quite similar to echo bot

Google Home Max

They are also introducing Max which is their first speaker with Smart Sound, a new audio experience powered by artificial intelligence, that can adjust the sound of its speaker depending on your environment, your context, and your preferences.

Pixel Buds

The most unexpected new stuff that was introduced was A wireless headphones that help you do more within Google Assistant and comes with built-in Translate capabilities, its supposed to work with 40 languages.

Pixel 2 and Daydream View: new experiences in AR and VR

Google AR and VR VP, Virtual and Augmented Reality Published Oct 4, 2017 Virtual and augmented reality have the potential to make computing more immersive, intuitive and powerful. With augmented reality (AR), you can interact with digital objects that are integrated seamlessly in the real world around you.

A new angle on your favorite moments with Google Clips

We love photos and videos. They take us back to a special time with our friends and family. Some of our favorites are genuine shots that capture the essence of the moment. The trouble is, getting those spontaneous shots means that someone has to be the "designated photographer"-always waiting to snap a photo at just the right moment.

Cover photo credit – google

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