Psiphon Handler – Get Access To Internet Without Paying
Psiphon Handler - Get Access To Internet Without Paying

Psiphon Handler – Get Access To Internet Without Paying

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Well, there’s a way out for all these problems. There is a software called Psiphon Handler, which once downloaded, provides you free access to unlimited data. This is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app which would send you a proxy settings, by use of which you can browse limitlessly without paying for it.

Millions of people have already downloaded this app from play store. Why not you?

What Is Psiphon Handler Apk?

Psiphon Handler Apk is an open source navigation tool, which intends to evade censorship suffered by millions of users in numerous countries around the world. Psiphon also lets you access all those sites, which are generally blocked by security Wi-Fis.

How Does Psiphon Handler Work?

After you download and install Psiphon, you need to run it. Once you run it, it automatically gets connected. You might have to choose among VPN, SSH or SSH+ tunnel modes. On successful establishment of connection, you would see a green icon in the screen.

Once connection is established, Psiphon takes you to its own browser. This browser is not up to the mark compared to other browsers we generally use, but somehow it lets you surf and download with satisfaction. 

How To Activate Psiphone Handler On Your Phone? 

You can download Psiphone with both 3G and 4g connections. It is completely hassle- free.

Go to Playstore->Download Psiphone Handler Apkand install it->Open Psiphone, then copy and paste one of the hosts in the proxy server segment->Select “Start”->Next click “Tunnel Whole Device”->Select “I trust this application” and click “OK”->And enjoy unlimited browsing.

Advantages Of Psiphon Handler Apk

  1. High Speed

Psiphon automatically connects to the fastest accessible server. Their vigorous worldwide network provides quick data access with low latency and no bandwidth limitations.

  1. Security

Psiphon uses three different tunnels i.e VPN, SSH and SSH+, in order to promise security. These tunnels help you in hiding your traffic. But it is clearly mentioned in their website that they won’t be responsible for the security of any user’s private data.

  1. A Single Click Away

Psiphon is straightforward to download and install. It does not require any registration or configuration. From that aspect it is very user friendly in nature.

  1. Customer Support

Psiphon is available in a variety of languages in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. Also they have this FAQ section in their website, which is handy for the users. Here the users get answers of their settings and configuration related queries. 

Psiphone was basically made for those individuals who can’t access internet due to political or country bound restrictions. But eventually Psiphone turned out to be helpful for everybody. There is no harm in giving a try to this remarkable app. So what is stopping you? Download now.

For further clarity and basic knowledge about Psiphon Handler, visit


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