LEGO Announces Star Wars Boost Droid Commander Set

LEGO Announces Star Wars Boost Droid Commander Set

If you love putting together Lego robots, and you love Star Wars… you’re in luck. Lego’s new set seems like the ideal gift for the droid-lovers in your life.

As part of LEGO’s line of toys that allow for coding, the company has introduced buildable and programmable R2-S2, Gonk Droid, and Mouse Droid LEGO sets. The set will be available on September 1 for $199.

LEGO’s BOOST program, which incorporates a plethora of bot kits that individuals can use to create controllable-via-app figurines, has announced a new pack of some of Star Wars‘ most iconic droids.

In commemoration of the franchise’s May The 4th Be With You day, the toy company shared details surrounding it’s upcoming 1,177 piece set that allows you to further immerse yourself into a galaxy far, far away.

Codenamed the BOOST Droid Commander, the new set allows creators to control their new companions through the LEGO Boost Star Wars app, allowing you to program your droids and send them on nearly 40 different missions. Each droid — which includes R2-D2, a Gonk droid, and a Mouse droid — comes locked and loaded with different missions, authentic sounds from the movies, and are engineered to mimic the movements as seen on screen.

Some of the missions include R2-D2 being able to both receive and decode various messages, while the Mouse droid can locate trash and search for Rebel scum.

The set, which includes enough bricks for all three droids, includes 1,177 pieces, a color and distance sensor, and a Bluetooth Move hub. Used in conjunction with the LEGO Boost app for iOS, Android, and Fire smart devices, these sets’ missions include plotting a course and assisting flying an X-wing for R2-D2, arena training for the Gonk Droid, and message delivery for the Mouse Droid.

The app includes both building and play interfaces to allow players to employ their droids in any of these and more missions.

LEGO’s standard Boost set allows for players to interact with and build five different models, including a robot, a cat, and a guitar.

LEGO and Star Wars, of course, have a long history together, both in physical set releases, including a recently revealed number of Star Wars LEGO anniversary sets, and in video game form, with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens being the most recent release.

According to LEGO, kids will have the ability to create their own ‘stories and battlegrounds’ based on more than 40 interactive missions. The Boost coding, the company explains, was ‘overhauled’ for the Star Wars galaxy product; this is the first time Boost coding has been paired with a licensed product.

LEGO plans to release its new LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander kit on September 1, 2019,via ahead of the “Rise of Skywalker” movie. All three droids will be included with the set, including the necessary sensors, motor, and Bluetooth hub, for $199.99 USD.

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