Consumer Travel Trends for 2018 ( Infographic )

Summer might seem a long way off yet, but now is the time to start nailing down holiday plans if you haven’t done so already. With popular tourist destinations already filling up rapidly and consumers increasingly wiser about peak seasons, it’s worth booking flights, accommodation and any other necessary expenses now before it becomes too late and all the most attractive options are taken.

While new technologies and modernised travel features mean that holiday trends are ever-changing, some traditional ideas have retained their appeal over many decades. For instance, the all-inclusive package holiday remains a popular option for travellers who are looking to enjoy a getaway that’s not going to cost the earth. Unsurprisingly, young families are especially attracted to the all-inclusive format, as they are quite likely to have one eye firmly on their budget.


At the other end of the cost scale, river cruising is set to become big business throughout 2018. It is now the fastest-growing sector in the cruise market and several cruising operators have launched river cruise ships which would stand up to any of the top ocean liners. Meanwhile, the rise of low-cost long-haul operators is facilitating the trend towards the once-in-a-lifetime experience holiday in which travellers spend big on ticking a major item off their bucket list.

The folks at The Europe Hotel produced this infographic which outlines some of the standout consumer travel trends for 2018. If you’re planning on booking your summer holiday soon, this is sure to be of interest and is well worth a look.


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