London’s Top TripAdvisor Picks (Infographic)

The Mediterranean has sunshine. Paris has romance. Rome has history. Orlando has theme parks. As for London? It has everything, really. No matter what your hobbies or interests may be, the UK’s capital city is bound to have something to lure you its way. Indeed, the hardest decision isn’t whether to visit London, but selecting what to get done with the time that you’ll spend there. Unless you’re relocating for several months, you won’t get to see or do everything that interests you throughout this marvellous city.

Even deciding on where to stay or eat can be a lottery, with such a vast selection of hotels and restaurants. Wherever you go in London, you can be sure that there’s fabulous accommodation and a delicious meal nearby. The best thing to do is set your price range, pinpoint a location within the city that’s convenient for your travel plans and scope out some nice eateries in the vicinity of your hotel or planned attractions.

If even that seems difficult to pin down, the folks at L.A. Stretch Limos scoured TripAdvisor to pick out some of the best hotels, restaurants and attractions throughout London, as rated by folks like you who have holidayed in the city. Granted, some of the places in the infographic below aren’t exactly budget options, but if you’re willing to spend a bit extra to get a spectacular experience, these suggestions deserve your consideration.

Indeed, all the recommendations are worth checking out, so if you’re planning to visit London but you’re struggling to create an itinerary, let this infographic help you on your way!


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