The World’s Busiest Cruise Ports (StoryMap)

Fancy exploring Miami, Orlando, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Mexico all on one holiday? Seems like an awfully intimidating itinerary to fit into a short trip, doesn’t it? Not if you decide to visit all these captivating locations by setting sail on board a cruise ship!

With so many cruise operators running magnificent deals, it’s easier than ever to sample this luxurious method of travel and make the most of an unforgettable holiday. Once you’re on board, you’ll be treated like royalty for the whole trip, while there’s so much to see and do on any Norwegian or Royal Caribbean liner. Whether you want to take in a musical, let go in a water park, learn a new activity or simply relax and let the sun do its thing, life on board a cruise liner is pretty sweet. Also, the places where your cruise will dock open a window into a mesmerizing new world, giving you the perfect opportunity to witness stunning scenery up close or head downtown in some of the world’s major cities.

If planning a cruise holiday is on your agenda, this interactive story map from The Water Filter Men is well worth checking out. It highlights the 10 busiest cruise ports in the world, giving a little insight into each one and providing some eye-catching statistics. Whether you want to enjoy the sun-kissed Caribbean, explore the majestic west coast of North America or take a cultural break around the Mediterranean, here are the cruise ports that you’re statistically most likely to visit, each one presenting its own alluring charm.


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