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Here is how to style zayn’s iconic quiff hairstyle

Here is how to style zayn’s iconic quiff hairstyle

Here is how to style zayn's iconic quiff hairstyle
Zayn Malik is the one of the best if not The best-looking guy out there, and one of the best things about Zayn’s modern quiff hairstyle is that it serves as an amazing alternative to undercut which is now the most common haircut you will see around. The only downside is to get hang of styling this look as it’s very hard to achieve volume as your hair gets longer.

The haircut

Modern quiff  haircut is similar to undercut the main difference, however, is in the styling process, the sides should be trimmed down at least with a guard 3 and the top should be kept long in around 4 to 5 inches, one more important thing to keep in mind is that if you show an image as a reference to the barber, tell the exact length you want to go for in the front as most barbers mistakenly presume zayn’s hair on the top to be shorter than they actually look to be.


Step One

Wet your hair and apply moose

Dry hair is nearly impossible to style so damping with water makes your hair more manageable to enable to reconfigure bond temporarily and secondly, the moose volumizes the hair which is exactly what is needed for the quiff

Step Two

Roll the front with a blow dryer and apply pre-styler

For this use, a blow dryer to bend the front portion of the hair backwards using a round brush and apply the pre-styling hair products before completely drying.


Best three pre-styler in my personal opinion for modern quiff hairstyle

Step Three

Finish it off with a hairspray

Lastly, use a hair straightener to fix any unwanted fringes  and use a hairspray to lock the modern quiff hairstyle into position

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  • After blow drying with the hot air use the cooler setting to set up your hair
  • Use the least hot setting for least possible damage
  • Always use a heat protectant before using any kind of heat in your hair
  • Use argan oil to replenish your damaged hair
  • Don’t wash your hair more than 3 times a week

If you have more useful tips that I didn’t cover, Please do consider commenting them down below  ‘There is always room for improvement’ let’s contribute towards it

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