Men’s Night Out Tips Routine, Hairstyle, Grooming & Style
Men's Night Out Tips Routine, Hairstyle, Grooming & Style

Men’s Night Out Tips Routine, Hairstyle, Grooming & Style

When your whole week is spent suffering through essays and assignments, sometimes a night out at the end of the week is enough to help you push through

A weekend with best friends always sounds great. If you are a guy who likes to party and enjoys fun nights out, but also who wants to meet attractive girls from time to time, get ready to learn how to feel comfortable, but fashionable at the same time. Girls aren’t into messy guys anymore, so carefully pick your clothes and accessories, and you’ll get a significant advantage.

Men’s Night Out Tips

Do Something During the Day

Being active and actually doing something productive during the day before the night out can help a lot. Do something productive so that you can feel good about the nights out. Or even better, do something social so that you get some social momentum. If the weather is good, go outside. Sunlight will do wonders to your mood.

Clean Up

Clean up your room/flat/apartment. Not only is this a smart thing to do but it will also make you more relaxed when you head out – there is something psychological about it. Also keep in mind that it will help you tremendously if you bring a girl over!

Also, do not have too many problems on your mind when you head out. Try to solve them before going out. Going out and worrying is not fun and can ruin your mood.

Unless you’re a degenerate nasty bastard, your living spot should be relatively clean. Do a quick 15 minute run through to ensure your spot is ready to go when you bring a girl back. You may wind up banging her at her spot, a stairwell or in an alley, but better to be safe then sorry.

Here’s the list:

  • Quick vaccum, or sweep of floors if hardwood.
  • Windex mirrors
  • Lysol the kitchen counters, bathroom sink and toilet.
  • Make sure PERSONAL shit isn’t laying out: i.e. your budget, tax return, or God knows what.
  • Check your sheets? If they’re not fresh, then change them.
  • Alcohol check: vodka is a sure thing and maybe a tequila and rum won’t hurt. Think basic
  • though: 1 bottle of alcohol, 1 mixer and make sure the damn ice machine is working.
    You’re done.

Establish a Theme For the Night Out

After you decide to go out with your mates and spend the best weekend ever, choose some fun place to go to. As some nightclubs have dress codes, you’ll have to choose an outfit that will make you feel good but that will also be good enough for the bouncers to let you in. To avoid looking silly, grab something simple, suitable for every situation, or search for a hashtag of the club you are going to visit in order to see photos from the weekends before. Other guys’ outfits will probably help you choose yours.

You’ll feel the best in the outfit that makes you feel comfortable especially for the night out. If you show up nervous, girls may notice your bad mood. You can find a date and leave with a girl only if you radiate positive energy.

I could write a long post on fashion so I won’t go too much into detail, but here are my small tips for dressing up.

  1. Black rather slim jeans are awesome when you go out at night!
  2. Classy leather shoes (brown or black) are nice, but I prefer black Chelsea’s! Chelsea boots are awesome and they make you look really masculine.
  3. Wear shirts, V-necks, or Scoop necks (I prefer the latter). They look great if you wear a cool dress jacket over them.
  4. Use a cool jean shirt, leather jacket, or a cool dress jacket over the shirt/t-shirt
  5. Simple classic leather belt. Must match the shoes!
  6. Add accessories: a tie, discreet necklace, wrist watch, a scarf (I like using cool scarves), other jewelry (don’t overdo it).

Shower & Groom

Take your time showering and be sure to groom. Not talking about just shaving or maintaining your 5′oclock shadow; I’m talking about making sure your cock n balls are presentable. It will play into your confidence as well when approaching girls, that you know later when you get naked with one, or maybe two of them, that you’re good to go. My suggestion: Go Pornstar. Stays clean and chicks like it.

Personal hygiene is implied, but if you are a bearded man, don’t neglect your beard. A greasy, messy beard will reject every single girl you meet. The beard covers a big part of your face, and it’s the first thing people see on you, so you have to nourish it right. Go for the best beard shampoo and provide the best treatment.

Consider a conditioner too because combed beard looks much better. Even if the beard is a symbol of your manhood, there is nothing wrong with taking extra care. For the best result, always keep your beard moisturized and clean by using a beard shampoo that can be bought on Amazon.
If you want your beard to be always fresh and lush, groom it and trim it on a weekly basis. After you try a few times, trimming and maintenance will become your everyday routine.


I highly recommend you wash your hair at least one hour before you style your hair. Let it dry naturally. This way you avoid what is typically referred to as “bad hair days”. Apply wax or clay (who uses gel, really?) only after the hair is dry, else your hair will end up being greasy. I personally prefer the following for a non-greasy with a decent hold thought out for a confident night out.

Vilain Gold Digger

BluMaan Original by BluMaan Styling Meraki

Hairbond Shaper

Hanz de Fuko

Start off by applying the hair product to the back your head, this way avoiding getting white chunks of wax on your forehead. To get a nice hairstyle, go see a hairdresser (a good one). I highly recommend you have shorter hair on the sides…. It makes you look masculine (The sides of my head are shaved!).

Use a bit of good hairspray to finish. This way your haircut will last all night long. Redken makes good hairsprays.


You don’t have a lot of options as girls when it comes to accessories, but some accessories are unavoidable. The watch is a must-have! No matter where you are going, a good watch will complete your outfit. If you dress casual, a sports watch will highlight your sense of fashion. On the other hand, if you decide to wear a suit, an elegant watch will point out your sophistication.

A watch and some rings or a chain is enough, don’t exaggerate with accessories because you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. Remember that less is more.

Ease Into The Night.

It makes a huge difference. Restaurants are great as well, especially if it’s a hotspot with lots of girls. Grab an appetizer, talk to some girls and head to your next destination.

Good luck this weekend night out gentlemen!

Night Out Routine of Top Men’s Fashion Youtubers

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