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Men’s personal care must have items for 2017
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Men’s personal care must have items for 2017

Men's personal care must have items for 2017

Men's Personal Care Market to Reach $166 Billion, Globally, by 2022-Allied Market Research

You may have an amazing style and a huge knowledge base on men’s fashion, so you dress perfect, speak diligently but that’s not enough if you have dark circles under your eye or spots on your face it just makes all your other good traits to just vanish. We as men don’t generally give emphasis on taking care of ourselves but it is very important to not just to look good but also to stay healthy.Men’s personal care market is highly saturated it confusing to determine what products to use its basically a trial and error process there isn’t something that works for all. there is an overall men’s personal must haves curated below.

Taking care of your skin

As compared to women, men’s skin has more collagen and elastin that makes the skin thick and firm, so you should definitely avoid using products that are not originally designed to suit your need.knowing your skin type is vital cause different skin type requires a different skin care routine and to identify your skin type and know and things you need to know about your skin visit this highly informative article –

Everything a Regular Guy Needs to Know About Skin Care by RACHEL NUSSBAUM

Exfoliation twice a week

All the dirt and oil accumulated on the face results in blackheads or whiteheads and forms a layer of dead skin this makes your skin look dull.

Pure Body Naturals Activated Charcoal Scrub for Face and Body | Charcoal performs the action of drawing out the toxins from the infected area of skin. The main purpose of using activated charcoal is to perform deep cleanse from within the skin.


After exfoliation, you are stripping away the oil which is essential for your skin so after using face wash or exfoliation us a moisturiser to hydrate skin to keep it soft and healthy.

L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic X-Treme Moisturising Fluid

Fixing dark circles

Blue Eye Gel from Majestic Pure  It lessens the appearance of under-eye dark circles, reinforces firmness and also tones up the area around the eye. In addition, it facilitates in the elimination of blood pigments responsible for dark circle coloration and localized works for all skin types,

Having healthy hair

If you use a blow-dryer or hair straightening accessories it seriously damages your hair that’s why you need argan oil to recover those damages.

Aria Starr Beauty ORGANIC Argan Oil For Hair

– Conditions for a natural shine without looking oily.
– Anti-Frizz and separates waves and curls.
– Nourishes dry scalp.
– Removes split ends.
– Leaves color-treated hair soft, shiny, and easy to handle.

Use sunscreen every time you go out

It protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that leads to sunburn, tanning and gradually leads to early aging. For men, a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is a great option and should be used daily.

MediDerm Sun Shield SPF 30 Sunscreen 

Showering essential

Showering strips away natural oils called lipids, which are responsible for providing your skin’s moisture leaving you skin dry therefore instead of using a soap it’s better to use a hydrating shoer gel.

Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate | It’s Innovative Liquid-Sphere Technology combines water-binding ingredients with encapsulated antioxidants to help break the cycle of dryness and environmental stress that can age skin’s appearance. Absorbs instantly.leaving skin smooth.

Fixing dark spots

As men’s skin has more oil gland compared to women, so the probability having dark spots increase as the oil causes clogged pores.

Pond’s Clarant B3 Anti-Dark Spot Correcting Cream Normal To Oily Skin | POND’S Clarant B3 is formulated with a complex of Vitamins B3 and C. This POND’S cream for oily skin is a daily moisturizer that fights discoloration to visibly diminish dark spots in 4 weeks

Think about a scenario of having a pimple breakout right before an important event and you can’t stop noticing it when you look in the mirror then how do you expect others to not notice it.

Proactiv Quick Fix Blemish Pen  | this is when It helps to clear blemishes, reduce the appearance of pore size and absorb excess oil around the t-zone area  Dermatologist-tested it also comes with a convenient refillable pen with a bacteria-resistant silicone tip

Under arm fix

Luminous Skin Underarm Lightening & Brightening | Reduces the production of melanin, resulting in a lighter underarms and evens skin tone & making it more uniform and features Unique formulation which moisturizerses skin leaving it soft & smooth

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