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Men’s Shoes Essentials ( Infographic )

Fashion trends come and go regularly and while men’s fashion trends have changed a lot over the years, traditional men’s fashion has largely stayed the same. We’ve also seen trends in men’s fashion whereby things have reverted back to yesteryears such as the reemergence of waistcoats with suits and the resurgence in popularity of bow ties, especially for occasion wear. Men and even younger men in their twenties and late teens are also prone to growing heavy beards to achieve a distinct look. Shoes are a great way to finish off an outfit and can be a fantastic way to make an expression or to add a different tone to an outfit. Pairing the right type of shoe with an outfit is also really important because you simply can ruin the look of a polished outfit like a suit with the incorrect choice of shoe.

The guys from Walsh Brothers Shoes have put together this infographic below which outlines what every man should have in their shoe repertoire, of course, guys don’t have to fully follow this but it’s good to know what would make an “essential” collection. The graphic also includes some tips on how to ensure the longevity of your shoes too. Check out the details below.

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