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Nainital – The Natural Wonder Of Himalayas

Nainital – The Natural Wonder Of Himalayas

Nainital – The Natural Wonder Of Himalayas

Those who love to have some of the beautiful views of nature cannot ignore the destination of Nainital. It is one of the important destinations in the state of Uttarakhand and Himalaya Range of mountains. Nainital is undoubtedly one of the most popular hill stations of the country. It lies in the foothills of the Himalayas and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Nainital is also one of the districts of Uttarakhand and surrounded by natural beauty. It has one of the most beautiful valleys and lakes in the country, and you will find the temperature comfortable even during the hot summer months.

If you are planning to visit this place, the only time you have to avoid it is the rainy season as it rains heavily in this region. Let us see some of the popular attractions of this region.

Naina Devi Temple

This is also considered one of the Shakti Peethas per the Hinduism,and you can get the blessings of goddess Naina Devi at this Temple. According to ancient texts, the eyes of Goddess Sati fell on this place, and this place got the name in this manner. The Naini Lake situated near the temple is also one of the popular tourist attractions, and you will love the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake. You will be surprised to know that the lake is surrounded by seven mountains and this creates a wonderful atmosphere in the surrounding place. You can go along with your family and enjoy boating and other activities at this lake.

Mall Road of Nainital

For tourists interested in shopping during their vacation, this is the best place, and you can get the best handloom accessories and other things that are very special in this town. It is also known as the cultural center of Nainital, and it connects the two ends of the town. You can watch the entire length of Naini Lake when you go through this road as it runs parallel to the lake.

Eco cave Garden

The Hanging Gardens and the Rocky caves here are the special attractions of this place. You can even enjoy the musical fountain at the Eco Garden during the evenings, and it is filled with various special audio and video effects.

Snow Viewpoint

Watching the snow filled mountains is an exclusive experience that you will not get in the regular tourist places. You can get the beautiful view of the Himalayan Mountains when you take the cable car to this viewpoint. It is also possible to trek along with your team to this location. You can even access this place by choosing the taxi servicesoffered by local service providers.

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Naina Peak

This beautiful mountain range is situatedat the height of 2615 M, and adventure sports enthusiasts love to trek to this place. You can also get to watch the border of Tibet from this peak, and it is also popularly known as the China peak.


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