Earthly shades – Neutral color OutfitMix

Colours like white, black, navy blue, beige cameo and everything in between are neutral colours. Neutral colours are considered to be classic effortless and elegant in terms of styling for various reason, Firstly it doesn’t require any knowledge of colour coordination, those shades always seem to work when paired up.secondly, neutral colours can be used to balance a highly busy patterned outfit and lastly as these neutral coloured elements don’t visibly disturb the eyes these makes them ideal pallet to allow special colourful pieces to pop through those easy on eyes colours.

Classic B&W Look

Black and White is arguably the best colour combo it works most of the time no matter if your are going for that casual look or want to dress it up this versatile colour combo can achieve both.

Accessorized in earthly shade

This OutfitMix features shades of earthy colours with that blue shirt as navy blue compliments the earthy shades and the cameo backpack is more down to earth look completing the whole outfit.

Shades of grey

OutfitMix 3 is planned to show the essence of grey all over the outfit and blue to balance of the outfit.The Grey belt and the shiny blue watch are the essential pieces for the whole Mix.

Proof no coordination needed

It proves that no colour coordination is needed to style neutral colors they just work effortlessly altogether no matter how they are mixed and matched.

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