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Pendant – Hanging Art To Illuminate Your House

Pendant – Hanging Art To Illuminate Your House

Pendant - Hanging Art To Illuminate Your House

Pendants have become increasingly popular, it helps to break up the open space and provided comfortable lighting with a dramatic visual impact, Whether you favour traditional glass pendant lights or bold industrial hanging lamps, it’s easy to use a hanging pendant lamp to make a definitive style statement that lights up a room.Think of it as a like statement piece. Find a compelling enough fixture, and you can keep the rest of your room pretty simple.

Before you go off to purchase one there are few things to keep in mind

Consider your surrounding decor and your contrast preferences

The most obvious one is your surrounds and the contrast you want to create with the pendants or you can easily match it with the surrounding to get a more smooth transition

Determine the sole purpose of the lights

The sole purpose of the light is needed to be determined if it’s for decorative purpose only go for dimmer lights or you can get yourself a dimmer switch and if you need to light up your study table or your kitchen table? For busy work areas, you will need something that offers a lot of direct lighting in that particular space

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