Perry Ellis Introduces Alexa Styling Service
Perry Ellis Introduces Alexa Styling Service

Perry Ellis Introduces Alexa Styling Service


The ” Ask Perry Ellis ” skill for Amazon Alexa is the first-ever voice-activated stylist for men

Although we have not seen much development on implementation on use the power of Artificial intelligence in the fashion industry till now , Even after the launch of the Echo Look with a built-in camera for full-length photos and videos,which pairs machine learning with advice from fashion specialists to make suggestions, That didn’t change much in the world of fashion until Perry Ellis.

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Now you can directly ask echo for on-demand style advice and shopping means you can be prepared for any occasion. No effort required. Start with by saying “Alexa add the Perry Ellis skill”. Then just say “Alexa, ask Perry Ellis” what to wear for…” the occasion you’re dressing for to get outfit recommendations that can be ordered directly from
The way it works is the device will describe the items and direct users to the Alexa app to see a rendered image of the look along with information to buy the products.

According to Perry Ellis president Melissa Worth the inspiration for the need of voice technology came from demographics research found that its targeted consumers which largely consist of men were struggling with how to dress for everything, from dates to vacation to jury duty. the company research that analyzed the habits of more than 1,000 men across the U.S., 76 percent of men expressed interest in using a technology that would help them find outfits for specific occasions.

Perry Ellis has done something that has never been done before this new form of reaching their products in a more personalised manner has the potential to be an effective form of marketing and in theory, should work like a charm.[bsc_button size=”lg” style=”link” block=”false” title=”Visit ” url=”” target=”_blank” nofollow=”false”]


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