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8 Reasons Introverts Make Great Travellers
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8 Reasons Introverts Make Great Travellers

8 Reasons Introverts Make Great Travellers

Are you an introvert that is afraid of travelling? You’re welcome to the board; I am an introvert too. I know it is hard to listen to the advises every time. People keep telling you to come out of the shell, mingle with others, talk, share and hang out more often.

For a second, your heart will want to go out and be with friends but after a few minutes, you’ll feel like a drained person.

This might feel awful but here is the great news that you can be a great traveler just like me. Yes,

I have been to many places including Morocco.

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Ah, no one hates bargaining more than me but in the Medinas of this country, it’s like a tradition and once you’re into this, it will be an enthralling experience. My Morocco holidays were a most impactful change in my life. It was entirely based on social interactions and a lot more and I never felt out of the world, instead, it made me learn many things about being an introvert.

How Can Introverts Have Whimsical Experience While Travelling?

Being an introvert is an amazing thing as far as I know according to my experience. I can go at the places and enjoy solitude.

I can ask random questions and everything feels so deep to the cores of heart & soul. Let me tell you that introverts are much capable of experiencing the travel at their best.

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They are the master of disappearing into unfamiliar places

Well, this is an art to get lost in the unfamiliar places and surroundings. When you’re deep into your own thoughts, it makes a completely different person out of you.

Strong imagination can help you blend with the crowds and look like the part of it. In reality, you’re just lost in your own. Instead of getting enthralled by the big city limelight, they create their own shine and it’s much brighter than anything.

girl standing

Calmness is the quality

Storms are the part of life and when you’re travelling, there are a lot of things that don’t go as expected. Any uncertain situation can occur but introverts are really good at calmness.

They’ll either avoid them gracefully or they’ll manage the situation brilliantly.

 looking away from mountain peek

Always hungry for knowledge and unique ideas

Historical sights, new projects, and discussions are the most demanded things by introverts. It’s like digging into the places, imagining the lifestyle and it can easily help you in time traveling.

Morocco is of the country that has got some of the best architectural and historical masterpieces. They are must-visit for everyone. You would love to know more about the cultural and traditional Morocco through the history.

man sitting on driftwood in front of stack landform

They feel their surroundings

For introverts, it is all about feeling everything in a deep essence. Their surrounding maybe conveying a totally different message.

The peaks of the atlas may be just a beauty spot for someone but for them, it’s like enjoying the most tranquil place in the world.

They can listen to the unheard, see beyond the eyes and a lot more.

man standing on cliff near falls

They are self-dependent mostly

The best thing is that they can do everything on their own. Growing up as an independent individual, you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can bang on to anything you want. No, you don’t have to be violent until the situation gives you no other option. In a generic way, you take responsibility for your own actions.


Solitude is an ultimate love

Solitude doesn’t hurt us. It brings back many thoughts and sometimes numerous ideas of building an empire.

No kidding it often comes in my mind to build my own empire and live on my own terms. No rules, nothing to bother and will only allow few people in my territory but for the limited time.

So, when you travel, you can walk all alone to the bars, even you’re not drinking or dancing but you can enjoy your own space. Or the best thing is to choose hiking and go on to the tour you wanted to have.

man standing on flat surface during daytime

Good at watching and observing keenly

The markets of Morocco offer you a great chance of watching people. Well, you can learn many things just by watching and observing your surroundings.

The behavior and attitude of people. The food they like, the music they listen and of course one can spot on the person going on through the hard times.

I would advise you to avoid being empathetic during your travel plans because it’s going to hurt you a lot and may make your travel plans hard. But if you can’t help it go for it.

woman raising arms holding white smoke bomb standing beside rock surrounded with trees at daytime

They love being on the Road

Road plans are the best of all. You’re not the one to lay leading role and can feasibly enjoy being on the road.

Morocco Family holidays can give you an amazing lot of great and stunning surrounding either you’re travelling to the desert or moving towards the small town of Chefchaouen.There is a beauty to admire on your way.

However, introvert doesn’t mean boring in fact, these are the most fun loving people. Their sensitiveness helps them to be in the better place than a narcissist whose world revolves around him only.

You’re the one who can make someone smile on your way just by listening to them, people feel comfortable around you.

So, be the introvert and enjoy the thrill you’re living in your head.

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