Secure Your Business Secrets With Spy App
Secure Your Business Secrets With Spy App

Secure Your Business Secrets With Spy App


Data breaches and hacks have developed as the significant concern for the entrepreneurs around the world. Around millions of people get affected by the data breach incidents every year. More than 90 percent of large-scale companies and 75 percent of small-scale organizations have lost their business secrets within a few years. One thing to be noticed here is that more than half of the data breach incidents occur due to the negligence of the employees.

The factors responsible for these data leaks are the lack of security education and carelessness of the management. The discontented workers from the IT team and administrative staff are also found to be involved in the data leak occurrence. The companies with improved security structure and advanced monitoring tools find themselves in a better state to protect their data.

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As shown by several reports, the data breaches are commonly caused by the negligence of the employees. Therefore, the employee monitoring solutions can help businesses to protect their data by keeping the workers under surveillance. There are numerous spy applications intended for the businesses to supervise the online and offline activities of the workforces to ensure not any worker is poorly handling the sensitive company data. Moreover, this software let the employers keep a check on the employees’ performance and productivity. Read on to know how a spy software helps the employers to protect company secrets, monitor employee productivity and give their small business a push.

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Watch over Sensitive Company Data and Assets

In small-scale businesses, the employer is not just responsible to manage finance and appoint employees but managing the business affairs and remaining aware of the employee issues are also an employer’s obligations. It must be in your knowledge what kind of emails your workers receive and send; how your workers are using the company assets; how they are dealing with the sensitive company information and is any of your worker or manager engaged with the company rivals. If you are not familiar with all of these things, you may face huge monetary or data loss.

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Computer Spy Software

The computer spy software lets you enjoy better control over the business matters. You can remotely monitor the computer activities of workers and can review the emails transmitted and received by the office staff on their monitored devices. A few top-notch employee monitoring software allow keystroke logging. The software stores the keystrokes applied to the computer keyboard or on-screen keyboard of mobile phones. It includes the strokes of passwords, usernames and email addresses. You can use these stokes to log into the official online accounts of workers if you are suspicious of someone involved in wrongdoing. It lets you detect if any of your workers disseminates the company secret information to unauthorized individuals through the internet.

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Mobile Phone Spy App

The cell phone spy app allows the employers to track the messages and phone calls received and made from the monitored mobile phones. You can read the text, multimedia and instant messages of your workers to ensure not any company information is being transmitted to someone else via messages. Moreover, the phone calls of your workers can be recorded to keep a record of their communications. Also, you can view the photos, videos and media files saved in the mobile phones of your workers to ensure they are not capturing the secret office document or saving a confidential file to their phones.

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There are many other spy software features that facilitate the business employers and management to protect company data such as social media monitoring, screen recording and surround monitoring. You can monitor the official and personal social media accounts of your workers including Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, Tumblr, Line, Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram accounts. The social media app monitoring enables you to watch out not any of your workers is posting inappropriate or confidential company information on the internet. The screen recording lets you capture the real-time activities of your workers on their mobile phones and computers and the surround monitoring lets you monitor the scenes and voices in the surrounding of the employees’ devices. All this enable the employer to be aware of the activities of the workers within and outside the workplace to safeguard company secrets.


The Bottom Line

The perks of the employee spy software are innumerable. While on one side, the software enables the employers to secure the business secrets, it allows them to manage and boost the productivity of the workforce on the other side. Overall, the spy app plays a significant role in pushing the businesses towards development.

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