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Short and Concise Guide On Swimming Trunks For Men

Short and Concise Guide On Swimming Trunks For Men

Short and Concise Guide On Swimming Trunks For Men

A form of clothing that we may not always give a lot of thought to are, swimming trunks, wearing a short is a great way to conveniently enjoy the heat of summer while looking stylish, while completely avoiding to die in your warm, itchy, jeans. The Best Shorts can easily be dressed up, depending on the occasion,

whether that be an eye-catching bold playful colour or a simple pattern. The key is to go for a snug fitting, tailored cut that touches on the mid-thigh so that it will look just as good worn on dry land as they will in the water  although it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect tailored fit, so long as the suit stays up when you dive in, most have a cord at the waist to prevent something like that.

Knowing your needs plays an important role too since how intense are your activities going to be in your swimwear determine the fit and the material used for it, A swimsuit for a pool doesn’t have a lot of technical requirements. Something like going to go surfing in for hours can definitely put the quality of your swimming trunks to test.

One last thing to consider is the body shape which has major implication on what will work on you and what is not supposed to work

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the following  advice is taken from

  • Tall and athletic. Anything will do. Just choose a nice colour to match skin tone.
  • Short and athletic. Usually, the brief style will do the trick. Go for a high leg cut to make legs look longer and a low waistband to show off those abs. Avoid long and extra long shorts.
  • Tall and thin. Baggy shorts are best. Make sure you don’t overdo the bagginess.
  • Tall and big. Long shorts in one solid colour will look best. If you want patterned swimwear, choose small patterns and keep the colours down.
  • Big Tummy. Again wear a solid colour – patterns will just accentuate. And remember you can easily cover up your flabby bits by wearing a tee shirt or shirt.

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