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Traveler Tips – Taking A Spring Cruise Trip

Traveler Tips – Taking A Spring Cruise Trip

Traveler Tips - Taking A Spring Cruise Trip

If your wanderlust has awoken with the good weather and the sun, there are few things that are better than taking a cruise. Spring is a beautiful season to take a cruise. The weather is not too hot just yet, there is plenty of breeze blowing to get that feeling of wind through your hair, and it is cheaper than going in the peak cruise season.

However, taking a cruise requires some planning, especially if you live a bit too far from a port, you will need transportation to the said port. You need to think about a lot of different things before you go. Here are some guidelines how to best prepare for the adventure ahead of you.

Pick the Right Cruise for You

Before you can set off, you first need to establish what you want from this cruise and what you want to see. In southern California, the majority of cruises are southwards bound, towards and into the Baja California region of Mexico. And there is a good reason for that.

Apart from enchanting and largely unspoiled beaches, this region also boasts some of the best wines and amazing wildlife, including seals, whales and a coral reef teeming with diverse and fascinating inhabitants. So, whatever you are interested in seeing during your cruise, you can find on these cruises. Take some time to research various cruise companies, as well as the reviews they receive online.

Plan How to Get There

Ports can be pretty far from the city centre and that can make them tricky to get to. If you have a lot of luggage, and your cruise is more than a few days long, you won’t want to drive there and leave your car at the port.

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Feeling the Pressure
Your best option is hiring a car from an agency like These cars come with a skilled and professional driver who will get you where you need to be in style and comfort. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride to your cruise ship

Make Sure You Know the Rules

Cruises often have very rigorous rules and regulations. And it makes sense, you will be on this ship for some time and away from shore. That means that any mishap that happens falls on the ship’s personnel to sort, and they would rather prevent problems than deal with them.
The majority of rules concern alcohol availability as well as noise levels and restricted areas. If you feel like these rules are too constricting for you, you should know that ahead of time. Another very important rule that needs to be followed on board a ship is punctuality. If you disembark at some time during your cruise, you need to get back to the ship in time. Cruise ships are typically large and have many passengers and they won’t wait for a stranded tourist who can’t keep an appointment.

What to Pack

Weather in spring isn’t going to be quite so warm yet so that you can frolic around all day with very little clothes on. What’s more, once you reach the open sea, gather some serious speed, and the winds pick up, it can get pretty chilly even during the summer.

What’s more, with the amount of direct sunlight exposure, you are better off not wearing short clothes at all. Instead, try wearing long sleeve clothes made of light fabrics like cotton or linen. However, once the sun sets, it can get fairly cold in the open ocean, so make sure you bring some warmer clothes as well. Even if you don’t end up needing them, better safe than sorry. Apart from clothes, you will definitely need to bring some sunscreen and a wide brim hat.
In order to enjoy your spring cruise as much as possible, you should prepare as best as possible. It only takes a little time and effort, and the payout is definitely worth it.

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