The regime in harsh winters for every skin type
The regime in harsh winters for every skin type

The regime in harsh winters for every skin type

It is a despicable truth that when the air around us starts getting chilly, it can wreak havoc on our skin. The skin responds to the harsh dips in temperatures by getting dry, itchy and flaky. Dealing with such skin conditions can be anyone’s worst nightmare.

But with our prowess in the matter of contention, it is, by and large, the last thing you need to fret about. Putting our heads together with various dermatologists, we have meticulously designed a thorough description of how to achieve baby soft skin even in harsh cold winters.

But before we start, it’s imperative to know that a proper skin care routine differs for every individual’s skin type. Keeping this very essential point in mind, here’s the list of few crucial do’s and don’t that need to be followed religiously to be winter ready.

  1. When you have normal skin

Blessed are the ones with normal skin as they needn’t go through extreme routines in order to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Instead, just a few handy tips to take care of, and they are good to go.

Morning ritual: Adequate hydration is the key to healthy skin. Keeping this in mind, you must wash your face with lukewarm water and a mild facial cleanser to clean the dirty pores. While the face is still damp, apply a light moisturizing cream and massage a little to help it blend well and absorbed properly by the skin.

Pro tip: Application of moisturizing cream on slightly wet skin helps lock its moisture in throughout the day, saving you from the trouble of redoing it several times in the day.

Night ritual: Thankfully, the code of conduct for the nights isn’t elaborate as well. Simply prepare a mixture of rose water and glycerine and store it in a spray bottle in the refrigerator. At night, before hitting the bed, clean your face with a mild cleanser and spray this magic potion on your face, leaving it overnight. It will hydrate your skin sufficiently while keeping it even-toned. It also works wonders for those looking for a natural rosy tint on their cheeks.

2. For people with sensitive skin

When you have a history of skin redness, bumps, and rashes etc. then winters can prove to be even more damaging to your skin. Just follow these basic steps that are as easy as sipping on your favorite Glenlivet 12.

Morning ritual: People with sensitive skin need to be extra cautious with the products they choose. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning, and immediately apply the moisturizing lotion that is best suited to your skin and is able to retain the moisture in it throughout the day.

Night ritual: You must act wisely and keep the use of chemicals to the minimum while opting for more of natural resources. For eg. Ditch your chemical-based makeup removers and go for coconut oil that doesn’t rob your skin off of its natural oils. Afterward, clean the face with a mild cleanser and before the skin gets all dried up, apply honey or aloe vera gel over it, spreading evenly with your fingers. After keeping it for a good 10 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water.

3. Skincare for dry skin

People with dry skin are the worst affected ones during winters as the chilly breeze adds to their woes by escalating their complexities of dealing with their skin. It is rather a necessity for them to listen to their skin’s seasonal demands and adjust accordingly. To ease up on the stress here are few very effective remedies to fight off dry and flaky skin.

Morning ritual: When your skin is naturally dry, exfoliating it often is something we would advise against. Instead, pick products that aim at giving you an extra moisture surge. For instance, try applying glycerine on your face and hands, an hour before you go for a bath. With the help of a gentle cleanser and mild moisturizer, focus on securing your body’s moisture for the day.

Night ritual: When the skin loses its moisture, its ability to protect itself also weakens. Hence, it’s important to pay attention when your moisture barrier is already in a compromising condition. Try making a mixture using glycerine and aloe vera gel. Apply on the face and leave overnight to wake up with soft and supple skin.

4. Skincare for oily skin

For those who think that oily skin is naturally well equipped to tackle the winter woes, this might come as an eye-opener. Without proper precautions, even oily skin falls prey to the damage caused by the intense variation in the air temperature outdoors as well as indoors.

Morning ritual: Just as your body needs nutrition, your skin needs it too. For this it’s important that you exfoliate your skin at least twice a week, with a gel-based exfoliator that is packed with vitamin E. Don’t forget to splash cold water on your face in the end, as this will close all the open pores of the face and avoid excess oil or dirt from slipping in. Next, of course, comes the step where you moisturize the skin. Only, in this case, steer clear of cream based lotions and opt for water or gel-based moisturizers that give you just the right amount of hydration, instead of overdoing it.  

Night ritual: It is essential to clean your face before going to bed, to get rid of excess oil, dirt, and chemicals that might worsen the skin conditions by clogging the pores at night. Kiss goodbye to the chemical based products and single out on natural remedies to clean the face. For instance, you can choose fuller’s earth mixed with milk and rose and apply as a pack for around 15 minutes. It can be applied thrice a week and has proven to yield impressive results.

5. Skincare for combination skin

When the air gets high on dryness and low on humidity, the skin pays the price. To add to the anguish, choosing a skincare regime for those with combination skin is a tricky business, as you need to deal with both oily and dry patches, at the same time. But to put an end to your worries following are some simple tips to take cues from.

Morning routine: For this kind of skin type, its advisable to stay away from creamy textured moisturizers or cleansers. Instead, select the ones that are water soluble and maintain a balance between the oily and the dry areas.

Night routine: For the nights, take few drops of lemon and mix it with organic aloe vera gel. Both are readily available and work like magic. Just apply this pack in the evening and rinse off after 15-20 minutes. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated and super soft.

Lastly, this might come as a surprise to you, creatine supplements are not only good for building a perfect body, but this magical amino acid also works wonders for the skin. According to a study, topicals containing creatine if applied every day can reduce skin sags and fight the signs of aging.

Try and incorporate more of organic products into your daily skin care routine and try to limit the use of chemicals as much as you can. Give enough breathing space to your skin and you’ll see your skin gleam with a natural tint.

Just like wine, champagnes like Totts Champagne contains resveratrol, a potent antioxidant that acts as a shield against damaged skin and provides serious anti-aging benefits.

Consuming a glass at night can be beneficial for your skin.

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