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Unexpected Things That Car Companies Make, Beside Cars

Unexpected Things That Car Companies Make, Beside Cars

Unexpected Things That Car Companies Make, Beside Cars

What do you think, is your favourite car company true only to cars production or are they interested in some other markets? You would be surprised to see how many car companies are producing much more than just cars or engines. Car companies from Europe, America or Asia have their finger in robotics, architecture, sports and fun, recreation. Let’s see what car companies produce when they aren’t busy making cars:


Yup, guys in BMW are obviously freaks for speed so they decided to contribute little something to the winter sports. How they ended up in the bobsled team may seem crazy but, when you think about it, it has a lot in common with cars when it comes to aerodynamics, balance and of course, speed. They did such a good job that they ended up taking the USA bobsled team to the Winter Olympic. Of course, BMW won’t do that under their own name, but under the name of American design house BMW Designworks.


With Toyota, it all started with window frames and today they are one of the largest house building companies in central Japan. Houses made by Toyota are green-friendly and every process during the build leaves the smallest footprint possible. Also, since their main construction site in Japan, every house Toyota makes is prepared for an earthquake. Pretty awesome, right?


People in General Motors showed that they love every little furry thing on the planet and not by donating money to local shelters, but by building homes for bats. Now that is something I didn’t expect. They are repurposing Chevrolet covers for batteries and making houses for bats and birds. Why? Well, it is challenging to recycle battery covers so they have found the way to reuse them in a more environmentally friendly way.


People in Audi saw the opportunity to build a foosball table as some sort of a hobby, but they took that hobby very seriously. The final product – the foosball table, was made from best possible materials. The table is a combination of handcrafted wood, aluminium and extremely strong plastic.They thought about the design and prototypes but the foosball table itself was made by the Leonhart, famous Bavarian foosball company. The table is limited edition, there are only 20 units and the price of the table is €12,900. Too much? That is entirely up to you to decide.


I am sure you are all thinking, how on earth do they have the time to make cartoons? I have no idea I have been asking myself the same question. The simplest answer is – they are really creative. If you don’t believe me, check out the cartoon it is called Tooned.


It is hard to determine what Mitsubishi don&’t produce and that is why we will end this list with them.They decided to infiltrate in almost every part of the industry. The most famous Mitsubishi product (except cars) are definitely those big screens above the basketball or hockey courts. Besides that, Mitsubishi produces air conditioners, microchips, solar cells, elevators and escalators so I think they are covered when it comes to production.

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